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Pre-Stevenote excitement

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

#mwsf2007 and #macosx on Freenode are bursting with excitement over the upcoming Stevenote.

<tchetelat> CES and macworld same week... it's like geek chanukah

<jruderman> should i put "Spore for Mac" on my bingo card?

<Dragon22> I got an idea for stevenote: a shot for every rumor steve doesnt confirm

<ckeu> i know i won't be able to sleep, so i won't even try

<KatLady81> Hmm. Anyone here want to help me start of a dating site for Mac geeks? There needs to be one.

<CrisisPoint> The Apple phone will call your mom every for week for you! She'll never notice the difference!

<fooyonghwee> what time is it in san fran?
<fooyonghwee> anyone?
<Axman6> 5 hours, 35 mins before 9am

<CrisisPoint> 215 insomniac Mac addicts and counting.


A thousand quotes

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

The quote database, which I helped start, now has over 1000 quotes! Coincidentally, the 1000th quote happens to contain the number 1000.

Inspiring quote from Aaron Leventhal

Friday, August 19th, 2005

I got into accessibility when I saw a deaf blind man able to run his own business, because of braille display technology. I thought that was the best use of technology I had ever seen.

-- Aaron Leventhal, Mozilla accessibility engineer (in #firefox on

Aaron goes into more detail about how he got interested in accessibility in this interview.


Saturday, December 6th, 2003

Michael Mateas of Georgia Tech gave a colloquium talk about Office Plant #1 and Façade. Alex missed the talk.

Alex: What's Façade?

(Selene and Ryan explain the premise to Alex: A couple you knew in college has invited you over for drinks. Their marriage is about to fall apart, but your character doesn't know that when he/she arrives. The characters talk, and you communicate by typing in free-form English.)

Alex: Ok.

Ryan: It's 3D and it has an FPS perspective.

Alex: So there's a gun in front of you?


Friday, November 14th, 2003

"Is 'Oomph' a unit of impulse or a unit of force?"

"Hard drives are so fucking slow. Their seek times are measured in milliseconds!"

"Pass-by-name is like pass-by-reference on crack."