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JavaScript Shell 1.4

Sunday, October 30th, 2005

Changes since JavaScript Shell 1.3.1:

  • Up/down now navigate history as long as the caret is within the first/last line of the input. (Previously, the caret had to be at the beginning of the first line or the end of the last line.)
  • Navigating to the previous history entry now puts the caret at the end of the textarea.
  • Added tooltips for the links with accesskeys at the top of the page. (Fixed by Jesper Rønn-Jensen.)
  • Added overflow: auto; to the input field to prevent scrollbars from appearing in IE unnecessarily.
  • Alphabetize properties in props() output.
  • Added a hidden option for props() to print one property per line (pass true as the second parameter to props()).
  • props() now complains if you pass undefined or null.
  • Tab completion no longer causes an error in IE. (Fixed by Jesper Rønn-Jensen.)

Updated shell, updated bookmarklet, diff

JavaScript Shell 1.3

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

Changes since 1.2.1:

  • Make the bookmarklet version continue to work when you reload the original page or go to another page on the same site. (Fix by Sebastián Marconi and me.)
  • Make the "clicking anywhere focuses the textbox" feature work in IE. (Fix by Jeremy Vinding and me.)
  • Fix most of the javascript.options.strict warnings. (Fixes by Jeremy Vinding and me.)

Updated shell, updated bookmarklet, diff for the curious

JavaScript Shell 1.2.1

Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

Entering a single-line comment on the last line no longer causes a syntax error. Updated shell, updated bookmarklet.

JavaScript Shell 1.2

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

New features and bug fixes in JavaScript Shell 1.2:

  • Multiline input. You can now insert line breaks using Shift+Enter and paste multiline scripts. Edward Lee ("Mardak" on added this feature.
  • Fixed the bookmarklet version to work in Firefox 1.0.3 (it was broken due to the fix for bug 289074). Edward Lee was the first to point out this problem and helped me fix it.
  • Fixed print() to not bring up the File > Print dialog.
  • Fixed blink() to work in IE (using border instead of outline) and Opera.
  • Made the feature that lets you click anywhere to focus the input box work in Opera. It still doesn't work in IE.
  • Fixed multiline output in Opera. It still appears all on one line in IE.
  • Fixed the bookmarklet version to have a vertical scrollbar when needed on Firefox trunk. (I might be working around a bug in Firefox trunk.)

I'm aware of several new problems introduced by the multiline input feature:

  • In Opera, Enter inserts a line break and *then* submits.
  • In IE, multiline output isn't broken over lines.
  • In Firefox 1.0.x, but not on trunk, a scrollbar appears if you have a few dozen lines of input.

JavaScript Shell 1.1 is still available.

JavaScript Shell 0.8

Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

I uploaded a new version of the JavaScript Shell today, along with a new version of the shell bookmarklet. In the new version, print() no longer returns its input. I added a new function, pr(), that acts like print() used to.