Pre-Stevenote excitement

#mwsf2007 and #macosx on Freenode are bursting with excitement over the upcoming Stevenote.

<tchetelat> CES and macworld same week... it's like geek chanukah

<jruderman> should i put "Spore for Mac" on my bingo card?

<Dragon22> I got an idea for stevenote: a shot for every rumor steve doesnt confirm

<ckeu> i know i won't be able to sleep, so i won't even try

<KatLady81> Hmm. Anyone here want to help me start of a dating site for Mac geeks? There needs to be one.

<CrisisPoint> The Apple phone will call your mom every for week for you! She'll never notice the difference!

<fooyonghwee> what time is it in san fran?
<fooyonghwee> anyone?
<Axman6> 5 hours, 35 mins before 9am

<CrisisPoint> 215 insomniac Mac addicts and counting.


3 Responses to “Pre-Stevenote excitement”

  1. AndrewVos Says:

    HAHA! That last one is classic. Hmm, I’m now wondering how I appeared at your site. Oh, right, I was looking for some AdSense tips.


  2. tpgames Says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I think your 15 Square game is absolutely Genius! I’ve searched for such games, and none have worked so nicely as to save me loads of work cutting images and naming them and all. I would like to use your game on my ad-free children’s sci-fi fan site. I have the code, but wanted to ask you before I actually made the game public on March 1st. Of course, I’d keep your copyright and all intact. And, I’m willing to add a link into the code to a family friendly site of yours (in addition to the one already in the code) if you want me to. And, I don’t need a link to my site in return either. Thanks! :>)

    I’m still learning Java Script and have a very long way to go, before I could make such a game. LOL My site is still under construction, but I hope to have most of the fan site stuff done by March 1st. It’s going to be an educational site as well eventually. Thanks again! Bye!

    ps. feel free to delete this comment if you wish to not advertise my request. :>)

  3. tpgames Says:

    Sorry about getting name of game wrong! It’s way past my bedtime, and I’ve looked at way too many 15 square games. LOL
    JavaScript 15: Sliding Tile Game is Awesome. LOL