JavaScript Shell 1.4

Changes since JavaScript Shell 1.3.1:

  • Up/down now navigate history as long as the caret is within the first/last line of the input. (Previously, the caret had to be at the beginning of the first line or the end of the last line.)
  • Navigating to the previous history entry now puts the caret at the end of the textarea.
  • Added tooltips for the links with accesskeys at the top of the page. (Fixed by Jesper Rønn-Jensen.)
  • Added overflow: auto; to the input field to prevent scrollbars from appearing in IE unnecessarily.
  • Alphabetize properties in props() output.
  • Added a hidden option for props() to print one property per line (pass true as the second parameter to props()).
  • props() now complains if you pass undefined or null.
  • Tab completion no longer causes an error in IE. (Fixed by Jesper Rønn-Jensen.)

Updated shell, updated bookmarklet, diff

8 Responses to “JavaScript Shell 1.4”

  1. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Btw, I use this tool to turn each new version of the JavaScript Shell into a bookmarklet.

  2. Standards & Usability? Says:

    JavaScript Shell: Useful tool for editing DOM and JavaScript

    Jesse Ruderman has a tool for live-editing JavaScript and DOM on any webpage. I have found it very useful and indispensable for rapid JavaScript development, bug finding in unknown code.
    Couple of days ago I asked Jesse to consider some improvements…

  3. splintor Says:

    Thanks. I haven’t realized before what powerful tool this is. I’ll start using it some more.

    I have one wish. Make all the lists be links, like post page, where clicking a link will inject it into the command line.

    By “lists”, I mean the lists generated by the props() command, and in the Matches… message when ambigous prefix is used for tab completion (BTW, I get two colons after Matches)

  4. Szeghalmi Attila Says:


  5. Anabasis » Blog Archive » Sorted properties in shell bookmarklet Says:

    […] Jesse’s updated the bookmarklet. Go get it. […]

  6. Jeremy Dunck Says:

    The diff appears to be incomplete, at least in IE6 under XP SP2.

  7. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Jeremy, try viewing it with Firefox or using View Source in IE. IE has a bug where it ignores the text/plain mime type for anything that looks remotely like HTML. What am I supposed to do, send it as “text/plain; really”?

  8. Standards & Usability? Says:

    Web developer’s collection of browser tools

    With the release of Firefox 1.5, I thought it’s time to make a round up on the tools and plugins that makes my everyday work faster, more efficient. Here are some of my favorite tools for Firefox and a few for Internet Explorer.