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Introducing jsfunfuzz

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

I wrote a fuzzer called jsfunfuzz for testing the JavaScript engine in Firefox. Window, Shaver, and I announced it at Black Hat earlier today, as part of Mozilla's presentation, "Building and Breaking the Browser".

It tests the JavaScript language engine itself, not the DOM. (That means that it works with language features such as functions, objects, operators, and garbage collection rather than DOM objects accessed through "window" or "document".)

It has found about 280 bugs in Firefox's JavaScript engine, over two-thirds of which have already been fixed (go Brendan!). About two dozen were memory safety bugs that we believe were likely to be exploitable to run arbitrary code.

In the presentation, I speculated as why it has been able to find so many bugs:

  • It knows the rules of the JavaScript language, allowing it to get decent coverage of combinations of language features.
  • It breaks the rules, allowing it to find errors in syntax error handling such as bug 350415 and more generally helping the fuzzer avoid having "blind spots".
  • It isn't afraid to nest JavaScript constructs in fairly complicated ways, like when it found bug 353079.
  • It allows state to accumulate by creating and running functions in a loop. (See bug 361346 for an example of a bug that would be hard to find otherwise.)
  • It tests for correctness, not just crashes and assertions. (Since I didn't talk about this aspect much during the security-focused Black Hat presentation, I've made it a separate blog post.)

If you want to test it out, grab it from the bug report. I recommend running it in a standalone JavaScript Shell, as it is much faster to start and shut down than a whole browser.

Update (2015): newer versions are available in the funfuzz repository on GitHub

Fuzz testing

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

Mike Connor's cat is a natrual fuzz tester.