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Burning Edge FAQ updated

The Burning Edge FAQ now answers "How close is Firefox 1.0?" instead of "How close is Firefox 0.9?". I also added answers to "What do 'trunk' and 'branch' mean?" and added a link to each question at the top.

Category RSS feeds

I set up category RSS feeds for The Burning Edge today. If you're only interested in the aviary branch, you can subscribe to branches and other. If you're only interested in the trunk, you can subscribe to trunk and other.

Trunk vs. branch

I'm thinking of moving The Burning Edge to the aviary branch.

Trunk advantages:

  • Will become Firefox 2.0 in the future.
  • Has a fix for config.trim_on_minimize (248423).
  • Has a fix for Slashdot rendering (217527).

Branch advantages:

  • Will become Firefox 1.0 and all Firefox 1.x releases, so it's more important to test in the short term.
  • Find Toolbar.
  • Live Bookmarks (in tomorrow's builds).
  • Has fixes for some toolbar customization bugs (232707, 221482).
  • Has a working extension manager.


I'm moving to Austin to work for IBM for the summer. I won't have my computer until June 2.

Away again

I need to concentrate on school for a week or two. Burning Edge updates will be sporadic.

Disappearing for a few days again

I'm going to the University of Oregon to check out the Ph.D. program at their CS department. I'll be back on Sunday.

The Burning Edge will return on Tuesday

I'm flying to Seattle tomorrow (Sunday) to interview for a job at Expedia. I will not be able to update The Burning Edge while I'm there. I'll fly back to Southern California on Tuesday. I'll spend the rest of the week visiting graduate schools here (UCI, UCLA, and UCSD).

Burning Edge FAQ

The Burning Edge now has a FAQ and a page called the bigger picture, which lists the big changes since 0.8.