I'm moving to Austin to work for IBM for the summer. I won't have my computer until June 2.

21 Responses to “Moving”

  1. vfwlkr Says:

    Good luck. Have fun at IBM!

  2. Cheah Chu Yeow Says:

    IBM… nice! I just went to an interview with IBM as well. Hope I get the position. I can see why you did :)

  3. Kevin Hjelden Says:

    Clearly, it’s because of pornzilla :)

  4. Tom Says:

    jesse would you consider giving peter(6) an account here to maintain the page until you get back? That would be of serious benifit to the community….

  5. Andrew Says:

    Agreed about Peter(6).

    Have fun at IBM, and make sure they win against SCO ;)

  6. José Jeria Says:

    The way I see it, Jesses and Peter(6)’s reporting are quite different. I like both very much.

  7. Andrew Says:

    Yeah, Jesse reports the important bugs, Peter(6) reports ALL of them, depends on what you want.

  8. Josh S Says:

    Yes, it would be nice for someone to keep this updated, it is very helpful!

  9. Dan S Says:

    Can someone tell me where to get Peter(6)’s reports?
    Also is there anyone who writes similar reports about Thunderbird?
    Thanks Jesse… And have fun.

  10. Noa Groveman Says:

    “The official so and so date build is out (or not yet out)”

  11. Phong (Lohvarn) Says:

    Just when I’m leaving Austin, Jesse!

  12. UnScripted Says:

    Come now people, June 2nd is right around the corner.

  13. Dave Says:

    Congrats man, I just started my 16-month internship with IBM, but up in the Toronto Software Lab.

    If you’re going to be working on the C, C++, or Fortran compilers, we’ll be talking to eachother soon.

    If not, enjoy it — it’s a great company to work for!

  14. okiluvyoubyebye Says:

    Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

  15. astraea Says:

    good luck to you^^

  16. [ct] Says:

    Good luck and thanks for maintaining this site! It immediately made my daily visit list a while ago.

  17. José Jeria Says:

    1 day to go… :-)

  18. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Posting this comment from work ;)

    I might not have Internet access in my apartment for a while, since Time Warner Cable / Road Runner is slow. The other cable company used by people in my apartment complex, Grande, tells me they don’t serve my apartment complex. Maybe I’ll try to get DSL instead.

  19. Logan Says:

    I, for one, miss you, Jesse. Peter(6)’s threads are okay, but they’re too verbose for me. Good luck on the DSL/Cable.

  20. nth10sd Says:

    I’m starting a weekly log change over at my blog ( similar to Burning Edge for Thunderbird. Its based on Robert Wall’s Bonsai Bugs : Thunderbird site, but mine’s on a weekly basis since Thunderbird doesnt have much fixes each day.

    Btw, some of u might remember me.. because i used to build Thunderbird installers till around v0.2

  21. nth10sd Says:

    oops, its here: