Away again

I need to concentrate on school for a week or two. Burning Edge updates will be sporadic.

11 Responses to “Away again”

  1. Sander Says:

    Thanks for letting us know ;-)

  2. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Already thanks a lot for so much days of regular work. Whatever the pace, your updates will always be more than welcome.

  3. Tom Says:

    Hi ben,

    First thanks- excellent stuff. Second, perhaps giving peter(6) an account here whilst you are busy to post might be advantagous?

  4. Darren Says:

    For the people who can’t live without the burning edge you can find out about fixes and regressions at’s firefox forums –
    Just look for Peter(6)’s posts that look like:

  5. Jugalator Says:

    Good luck in school and thanks for not leaving us in the dark. :-)

  6. Jeff Walden Says:

    “ben”? Who’s “ben”?

    And yes, Jesse, I know how that feels…with school winding down I’m near the point where I need to do that myself.

  7. Mithgol the Webmaster Says:

    We understand. Really.

  8. Fafane Says:

    Thank you for your work !
    It’s a daily “rendez-vous” for me ! nice.
    Good luck for your studies !


    Paris, France
    also a student

  9. Lohvarn Says:

    Good luck Jesse!

  10. Cell Says:

    Do we get to see one huge update after this? :)

  11. badrad Says:

    Do what you need to do! School comes first, we appreciate your work here. Good luck.