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Firebird is now known as Firefox

Ben Goodger on the name change

Name change FAQ

BugDay this Wednesday

Asa and sipaq are hosting a BugDay this Wednesday in #mozillazine. I'll be there as "Jesse" in the evening (California time), after my microeconomics final.

BugDay is a great way get involved with QA activities such as reporting, testcasing, and triaging bugs. These QA activities save Mozilla developers time, allowing them to focus on coding and fixing bugs. In additon, many prolific QAers have gone on to become Mozilla developers.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm going to Montecito-Sequoia Lodge with my family for Thanksgiving. I will return on Sunday.

For information about Firebird nightlies while I'm gone, visit the Builds Forum and the other sources listed in the sidebar of The Burning Edge.