2004-05-23 Trunk builds

  • Fixed: 241079 - DOM Inspector: fix it; remove Tools, Window, Help menus, Preferences, and Quit keybinding
  • Fixed: 197375 - Hebrew or Arabic string being copy/pasted, reverses
  • Fixed: 241292 - proxy settings with ports specified are not imported properly
  • Fixed: 235859 - .gz file silently uncompressed when right-click, save link to disk [contentAreaUtils.js]
  • Fixed: 236725 - The security icon when doubleclicked, opens the Security Page Info twice.
  • Since ~May 20: "Finishing Extension Installation" dialog appears at startup and gets stuck (workaround: open another browser window, then close the dialog).
  • Since May 11: 243315 - [Linux only] gtk2 builds don't start.
  • Since ~May 10: 243482 - [Mac only] File upload control is broken.
  • Since May 10: 243387 - about:plugins broken.
  • Since May 10: 243386 - Find as you type text not shown in status bar.
  • Since May 4: 243646 - keyboard shortcuts do not work on window restore from minimized state
  • Since ~Apr 30: 242275 - hang on https certificate dialog (installer builds only).
  • Since ~Apr 26: 241865 - Drag-n-drop link to download manager doesn't work.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang's O2 G7 SSE2

Linux builds: No official Linux builds

Mac builds: Official Mac

11 Responses to “2004-05-23 Trunk builds”

  1. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Jesse, do you think you can spare a bit more of your time to have branch notes as well, given that the official 0.9 branch builds are now out ? (he said, expecting the answer “yes”)
    [Forgive me if I go too far here. I don’t forget you’ve less time than before for TBE.]

  2. tim Says:

    If not, with considerations for your time, it might be better to do just the Branch builds. It might help move things to a better and sooner .9 and then 1 release.

  3. fishbert Says:

    Oh, please stick with the nightly trunk builds. If the site starts jumping back-and-forth between trunk and branch, people are just going to get confused as to which is which. And, if people really want to know what’s happened to the branch from day-to-day, Peter(6) does a nice summary of both trunk and branch changes over in the mozillazine forums. I’d say leave him to do the once-every-couple-months branch cycles, and leave this site to do the ever-present trunks.

  4. José Jeria Says:

    Mozilla crashes for me every time (also with a fresh profile) I visit a website that shows a movie (gamespot.com) with WMP9 and then close the browser… (it crashes when i quit the browser, movie is fine)

    Anybody else seing this? I am on Windows 2000.

    Also, are they any talkbalks for Windows?

  5. José Jeria Says:


    Visit the url, let the page load, you will see the WMP9 start (no movie will be shown). Now close the browser –> Crash.

  6. johnleemk Says:

    This branch isn’t just any branch – this branch is also leading to 1.0, which is dramatically important. The trunk is for 1.1 and beyond. Perhaps Jesse should cover the AVIARY branch until it finishes off at 1.0, and return to the trank for post-1.0 releases (which will be based off the trunk anyway).

  7. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Some news about bug 242275 (installer hangs on HTTPS certif. dlg. – trunk + branch) :

    — Additional Comment #84 From Mike Connor 2004-05-25 17:03 PDT [reply] —
    since its reared its ugly head on branch, we need to fix it

  8. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Bug 242275 has a solution.

  9. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Bug 241865 is fixed.

  10. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    … and 243387 has a patch. These bad times for branch builds are soon over !

  11. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Bug 242275 is fixed.