Google 411

Google launched a free 411 service just in time for my move from San Diego to Mountain View. I found it useful, but it could have been even more useful if it:

  • Gave better location information for things in malls. For example, the Goodwill donation spot at 570 Showers Drive would be better described as "in the parking lot near Mervyns and near Showers Drive".
  • Knew the difference between Goodwill stores and Goodwill donation spots.
  • Knew how to answer questions like "Where can I find a Denny's along I-5 North within the next hour?", rather than simple city and radius searches.

Store hours would be nice too, but the service would also have to know when to say something like "Beach City Grill closes whenever the owner feels like closing, so you are advised to call before driving there."

One Response to “Google 411”

  1. Scott Perry Says:

    If you were serious about finding a Denny’s on I-5 between San Diego and Mountain View, there’s only one number you need to call: mine. I’ve driven that route far too many times…