2007 Super Bowl ads

My favorite ads from the 2007 Super Bowl:

Special congratulations go to Budweiser for selling me on holographic tabletop football and to Coca-Cola for selling me on Grand Theft Auto: Altruism. Please let me know when these products become available.

3 Responses to “2007 Super Bowl ads”

  1. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    The official site for superbowl ads only has some of the ads, and only works in Internet Explorer. What’s up with that? The iflim superbowl ad site is much better.

  2. I miei spot del Super Bowl 2007 : Time’n’doom Says:

    […] presa da Jesse Rudeman (insieme a qualche video ;) […]

  3. Blake Says:

    I think Budweiser is going to lead the polls for the best commercial again this year. However, there were a few more contenders this year; in particular I like the robot from General Motors.

    See for yourself, Super Bowl Commercial Poll: http://todayspolls.googlepages.com/superbowl_commercials