Pornzilla update

I added 5 extensions to Pornzilla. The new extensions are:

  • Browse Images - Use the Forward button or Alt+Shift+Right to go to the next image.
  • Location Navigator - Select a portion of a URL that varies, then navigate up or down.
  • Launchy - Open links to video files in an external player, streaming, so you can watch a video without waiting to download it. (Note that not all video players support streaming video; for example, WinAmp 5.111 hangs. VLC works well. Here's my launchy.xml for VLC.)
  • MediaPlayerConnectivity - Open embedded video in an external player, so you can use features like Full Screen.
  • Image Zoom - Convenient shortcuts for zooming images.

I also moved extensions that don't work in Firefox 1.5 yet onto a separate page. (I wrote a Greasemonkey script to help me determine which extensions had been updated for Firefox 1.5.)

5 Responses to “Pornzilla update”

  1. Robert Accettura Says:

    Your launchy.xml link is broken.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Link fixed.

  3. BlogZiNet Says:

    Firefox et les petits cochons

    Juste une courte note pour vous rappeler que votre panda roux est le meilleur ami des petits cochonsÂ…
    Indistinguishable from Jesse, Pornzilla update, 3 déc. 2005, Jesse Ruderman…

  4. craig Says:

    With regards to Winamp crashing, does this happen on any particular media type? I’ve had rather bad results with wmv files but with the latest internal these appear fixed due to many improvements with windows media.

    Hit me back.

  5. Henrik Gemal Says:

    I’ve added VLC autodetection to the next version of Launchy