New bookmarklet: Make img tag

The new "make img tag" bookmarklet creates XHTML code to include an image, including the correct width and height attributes. Use it when Firefox is just showing the image, e.g. after dragging the image to a Firefox window or after using the View Image context menu item. I wrote it to save me time when I include images in my blog posts.

3 Responses to “New bookmarklet: Make img tag”

  1. Pat Says:

    Someone asked me to develop an extension just to do that (for the same reason too) … except mine works on the context menu of images!
    I never though of posting it anywhere cause I thought not many people would want that.

  2. Mike Purvis Says:

    Heh… I’m working on one that takes the image in the browser and posts it directly to a weblog via XML-RPC.

    Stay tuned.

  3. ycc2106 Says:

    Ho, I’ve been trying to make one myself, I managed up to: