Don’t sound stupid, stop saying like.

These posters were posted around UCSD this week. I don't know who designed and posted them.

No likes

I, like, love you

Is it, like, because I, like, say 'like', like, so much?

28 Responses to “Don’t sound stupid, stop saying like.”

  1. Jeff Walden Says:

    …brought to you by the “Acadamy [sic] of Linguistic Awarness [sic]”.

  2. Rory Parle Says:

    Good catch Jeff. Also, the word ‘like’ should be in quotes in their main slogan. The idea is good, but the execution isn’t. You have to be very careful when you print something like that.

    (**scans comment for errors repeatedly**)

  3. Greg K Nicholson Says:

    …You mean “scans comment repeatedly for errors”. :P

  4. Says:

    I really like that Posters. Its ,like, um, u know. :D

  5. bob example Says:

    like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like…

  6. Jim Says:

    I’m really liking those posters.

    I hate that idiom almost as much as the ‘like’ verbal tick.

  7. Mark Says:

    Isn’t there a specific word for .. uh… words such as (ha!) “Like”, or “umm..” or “y’know”?

    Oh and those posters are damn funny. And necessary. Overdue, I’d say.

  8. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Yes, they’re called disfluencies.

  9. Bob K Says:

    Actually they’re called discourse markers. These posters are an unfortunate waste of creative energy, and tell us that we all sound stupid. How kind of their designer to have our best interests in mind.

  10. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Erik Bakovic also wrote about these posters at the Language Log groupblog.

  11. Bob K Says:

    Yeah, I saw that post last week and used its images in class (basically to make the point in my previous comment). Language Log has an excellent and extensive series of discussions regarding the usage of like, recently catalogued here. (Which Eric’s post links to as well.)

  12. John Kuang Says:

    I “love” this post.

  13. discounter-news Says:

    Whats the Problem with this word?

    Is it because americans use this word “like” to often?

  14. gunnar Says:

    we had a similar effort here in sweden, called “skrivihop” (write-together).
    the swedish language is built on word combinations, and if you write them “likethis” or “like this” makes a whole lot of difference…

    Kassaskåp = a safe
    Kassa skåp = broken cupboards

    But a good example that could have made a ruccus if it got on a front page of a news paper:
    “Svensk general agent för Kinaföretag”
    Swedish general agent for a Chinese company

    “Svensk generalagent för Kinaföretag”
    Swedish pricipal agent for a Chinse company

    I’m bored, and now you’re bored too, right? ;-P

  15. Jon Says:

    Egyptians say “yani” instead of like, whether they’re speaking in arabic or in english.

  16. Says:

    that’s like, so hilarious…

    i wanted to trackback you but you dont have trackbacks. i hope you dont mind i posted that on my blog…

    best wishes,

  17. Scott Says:

    Badly needed in more places than just on a few posters.

    Disfluencies, eh? I’ll have to remember that word.
    (Not in the OS X spell checker or Dictionary)

  18. Stephane Deschamps ( Says:

    Actually — darn, ‘actually’ is *also* one of those words, it’s not just a defect (disfluency is quite a nice new word, I’m happy to have learnt it, thanks Jesse).

    Actually those little words aren’t only disfluencies, they are also part of the emphatic function of language as defined by Jakobson.

    Saying little words while I’m looking, you know, for the right word, see, is a way, actually, to, like, take the time I need to think it without, you know, losing contact with you. It acts the same as those almost imperceptible smiles used by practised speakers.

  19. mary Says:

    Brilliant posters. Thank you very much for it.

  20. Jan Says:

    Bloody swedes… You have no sense of language.
    No, the PROPER Scandinavian language is of course Danish.

    We do, however have the same problem with people dividing words that shouldn’t be divided. Instead of ‘like’, we have trouble with people saying crap like ‘dér’ (‘there’) after each sentence.

    Ooh, supper.

  21. fredrick Says:

    Coming from a teenagers point of view, sure it may be used as “inproper content”, but hey so is about every other thing that we say. Its just a word people use subconciously, everyone can be accused of using it out of term. Give people a break, are you going to pick on the peopole who say it

  22. Freelance Says:

    Now id “like” was a keyword you were targeting in the search engines, you’d rank high! :)

  23. Nauman Says:

    You should add the phrase ‘you know’ to the posters. That’s just as bad as ‘like’!

  24. George Thompson Says:

    Like you know what I’m sayin’? (a favorite of rap artists and valley girls)

  25. Fred Says:

    Yes, we’ll not only pick on people who sprinkle too many ‘likes’ in their utterances – we’ll beat them ! GRRRRR If I hear another whining ‘It’s just, like, SO coooel’ I’ll explode.

  26. stuart Says:

    I think “y’know” is much worse than “link”.

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  28. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Discussion on Reddit (2007)