Searcher browser stats

Even though the majority of visitors to use Gecko browsers, I can get a rough idea of general browser usage by looking at what browsers visitors are using when they find my site by searching for certain terms. Stats for some search terms that drove many users to my site between April 23 and May 27, sorted by percent Gecko:

Engine Search phrase Hits IE Gecko KHTML Opera Other
Googleburning edge87211%82%6%2%0%
Googlefirefox nightly64911%80%6%2%1%
Yahoo videoterry tate26294%5%1%0%0%
MSNfree porn1341297%2%0%0%0%

I did something similar last July.

Tools used: Analog to identify popular searches, search-uas.bat, make-search-ua-table.html, "View Selection Source" feature in Firefox, "sort table" bookmarklet.

3 Responses to “Searcher browser stats”

  1. mardoen Says:

    man look at these numbers… the disparity of browser usages between certain keywords and the search engines used… it’s so funny and interesting that it could just as well be made up. yahoo users like to browse with ie, and popular porn-related keywords are from people who barely can use the default browser search engine. apparently the educated/tech crowd (i.e., gecko users) have better means to find their porn than typing popular names into a search engine.

    ah, the joys of skewed statistics.

  2. chuckles Says:

    Sorry to barge in here. But, I could use some help. I first heard of Greasemonkey when someone added a script to TPMCafe, a political blog, making it more useful. Since then, I have been unable to find the time or patience to learn enough to make scripts myself.

    One problem I run into constantly is narrow columns, I think it someone could help me widen columns once, then I could figure it out on my own. Currently my problem is with the new homepage – which blows in my opinion. It has these itsy-bitsy columns, which are a total pain in the ass.

    Do you think you could help out, anyone? How do I widen the columns (someone else put a script up to get rid of the ads, but it left an empty column in its place)?

    Many thanks.

  3. akshay Says:

    I use results from my “yatta” counter to get an idea of browser usage. Sadly, the counter only shows me information on the last 100 visitors, but this is what it looks from my data:

    Perc. Browser Name Version
    62 62.00% MSIE 6.0
    20 20.00% Firefox 1.0.4
    4 4.00% Safari 1.2
    3 3.00% Firefox 1.0
    3 3.00% Firefox 1.0.3
    2 2.00% Firefox 0.10.
    1 1.00% Netscape 8.0
    1 1.00% Mozilla 5.0
    1 1.00% MSIE 5.22
    1 1.00% Firefox 1.0 (
    1 1.00% Firefox 1.0.1
    1 1.00% Firefox 1.0.2