Pornzilla is back!

The goal of the Pornzilla project is to make Mozilla into a great porn browser. We contribute to Mozilla directly, promote bookmarklets and extensions that enhance porn surfing, and maintain a list of bugs that impact porn surfing.

14 Responses to “Pornzilla is back!”

  1. Cheah Chu Yeow Says:

    LOL I didn’t notice Pornzilla before. A worthy cause, truly.

    You heading this project Jesse?

  2. marcoos Says:

    Shouldn’t Pornzilla 2.0 be called “PornBird”? :)

  3. Matti Says:

    The founder isn’t active anymore :-)
    He tried to add several keywords to many bugs for his Pornzilla project but a few people didn’t like that and removed this keywords.

  4. Deathwind Says:

    Here’s a slight variation I made based off the “linked images” bookmarklet called “linked media”.
    Basically it adds on mpg, wmv, avi, and mov to the accepted file extensions, does away with the parentheses around the URL text, and doesn’t do an inline image for the linked media (it still does the thumbnail though). The text instead has a clickable link to the media. The reason for the changes is so it 1) doesn’t try to download the linked movies or large pictures (dialup friendly) and 2) parentheses are removed so the text can be selected and pasted into a file list (to be used later with something that can download URL’s in a file, such as wget).

  5. hao2lian Says:

    Opr0n is clearly a better browser than this! It’s only 4 MB while Pornzilla is 7MB! Talk about bloat! Also, why the extensions? I want my browser to be up and running at startup! Sheesh. This is obviously intended for geeks only!

  6. Bo Says:

    This entry got banned on my school’s automatic filter, for the record.

  7. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Bo: all of or just the front page of my blog? Are and blocked?

  8. Bo Says:

    Heh, yes, the whole thing. I don’t mind, just thought it was amusing.

  9. jcurious Says:

    So, would referer spoofing to access sites that require either using a referer spoofer or user/pass to access content be a useful thing to document there or would that be too much of a grey area to get into?

  10. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I’ve never found it necessary to spoof a referer to access porn. Can you give an example of when you would need to?

  11. Robert Accettura Says:

    I would recommend adding mouse gestures, or anything else that would make it easier to browse with one hand available. ;-)

    Great bookmarklets. I really love them. Seriously. Very useful, even for more child friendly tasks like browsing

    Thanks a ton for this work.

  12. jcurious Says:

    using referal spoofing would be used to erms.. circumvent access controls at certian sites?

  13. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    What are you doing when you hit a referer access control? Typing the URL of a jpg image by hand into the address bar?

  14. Fun With Wordage Says:

    Finally a project for the masses

    Pornzilla is back. Horray! Even for the non-porn viewers out there (If there is anyone out there). A few of these features are quite useful. I use several on NASA’s website. Some of his bookmarklets are amazingly useful. In particular,…