New version of Flash Click-to-View XBL

The new version fo my Flash Click-to-View XBL works with <embed> Flash in addition to <object> Flash.

Previous versions didn't block <embed> because they used <xbl:content>, which doesn't work with replaced plugin elements (bug 190970). Previous versions didn't really work with <object> either; instead, they took advantage of the fact that Mozilla ignores most <object>s and looks at the <embed>s they contain instead. The new version uses JavaScript in the <xbl:constructor> to replace the Flash with the placeholder.

The extensions that use modified versions of my XBL, Ted Mielczarek's Flash Click-to-View and Theodore Drake's Flashblock, haven't been updated to use the new code yet. These extensions make it easier to install the XBL, but they must be reinstalled each time you get a new build.

2 Responses to “New version of Flash Click-to-View XBL”

  1. Seb Says:

    While it’s good to hear that we can now filter Flash with the and types, I still prefer the Adblock way of allowing everything first, and gradually working out the blacklist of undesirable flash scripts.

    Could it be possible to have something similar in the Flash-Click-to-view extension ? i.e. “Click here and remember this” so that when you visit the page again you can immediately see the Flash object.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I can’t do that in XBL, but an extension using my XBL might be able to.