2011-02-12 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 541656 - Display link previews (hyperlink URLs) at bottom of window (instead of right side of location bar).
  • Fixed: 628654 - Show connecting / waiting / loading status messages in small overlay on top of content at bottom of window.
  • Fixed: 580638 - App Tab closes with keystroke or middle click.
  • Fixed: 592822 - Remove quit warning dialog. (zpao's first post, zpao's second post)
  • Fixed: 593421 - Provide link to "Restore Previous Session" on Firefox Start.
  • Fixed: 508167 - Privacy: NPAPI additions for clearing recent history (e.g. for "flash cookies").
  • Fixed: 625496 - Privacy: Clear Adobe Flash Cookies (LSOs) when Cookies is selected in Clear Recent History.
  • Fixed: 628197 - Privacy: Implement do-not-track HTTP header. (Sid's post, Alex's post)
  • Fixed: 355178 - Spell checker doesn't accept "scot-free" (tokenization, Hunspell 1.2.8).
  • Fixed: 594999 - "Security Manager vetoed action" exception when accessing any property of InstallTrigger.
  • Fixed: 499292 - CSS @font-face: hide fallback text for a short time while a font downloads.
  • Fixed: 594821 - [Windows] Initial paint of browser window delayed compared with 3.6.
  • Fixed: 602792 - [Windows] dwrite initfontlist causes large IO load on cold startup.
  • Fixed: 363861 - [Windows] GDI ClearType rendered to RGBA surfaces sometimes looks bad.
  • Fixed: 624129 - [Windows] A maximized window with tabs in the titlebar isn't easily draggable when there are many open tabs.
  • Fixed: 556873 - [Mac] Exiting a password field by pressing return fails to disable secure entry mode.
  • Fixed: 616472 - Unify sizes of toolbarbutton images to make life easier for extensions.
  • Fixed: 595522 - Omnijar breaks prefs initialized via mozilla.cfg.
  • Fixed: 613749 - Fix tab-modal prompt sizing (min/max height/width & overflow).
  • Fixed: 627301 - Update Firefox Start Page design.
  • Fixed: 628179 - Navigation and tab switching should always hide the find bar.
  • Fixed: 629485 - Last window should not be excluded from "Warn me when closing multiple tabs" option (?).
  • Fixed: 629969 - Don't show status messages for XHR requests.
  • Fixed: 624549 - Overly aggressive cycle collection causes pauses in Flight of the Navigator.
  • Fixed: 623338 - Block all old drivers for ATI, NVIDIA, and only whitelist the big three, to control risk.
  • Fixed: 589146 - [Windows] Firefox menu items should display sub-menu on a slightly delayed hover.
  • Fixed: 590744 - [Windows] Add an edit sub menu to the Firefox menu.
  • Fixed: 612846 - [Windows] Support some form of component alpha with D3D10 layers.
  • Fixed: 599215 - [Windows] Update addon-bar style for aero glass theme.
  • Fixed: 621873 - [Windows] Pin to taskbar when setting as default browser on Windows 7.

Fixes for recent regressions:

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2 Responses to “2011-02-12 Trunk builds”

  1. Rafael França Says:

    Accompany Firefox since version 2. Minefield met in version 3, and since then whenever there is a newer version, I’m using and comparing with the past and thinking of improvements for the future.

    The team at Mozilla is to be congratulated for the excellent work carried out Firefox 4. Font rendering is perfect, exceeding all other browsers.

    But there are some problems that make me sad with Firefox 4, including the worst thing is that the startup is slow.
    Another thing that is slow is the time to load the main page of ‘Add-ons Manager. It takes too long to open, over 45s, this is unacceptable for a posture of Firefox browser.
    A simple change, but it’d be nice, would be rounding the top edges of the ‘Add-ons Manager. A few more changes that would let Firefox 4 with a more modern look, it would change the windows ‘Options’, ‘History’, ‘Bookmark’ and ‘Downloads’ for tabs in the style of ‘Add-ons Manager’ (this is important). Another would be to modify the ‘Menu Bar’ when the browser is maximized, for just a menu that would open directly Button ‘Firefox’.

    I think that’s all for now.

  2. kitchin Says:

    https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=629485 is now called “Show close window warning when closing the last window”.
    Some of the user comments, such as #18 and #33, show problems likely to annoy. But the developers seem so frazzled by the UX/UI unintended consequences that they are apparently ignoring those comments. Seems to come down to issues introduced by the new “stupid” home page, and the fact that this dialog button is labeled inaccurately:
    “Close Tabs”.
    It really means “Save and Quit”, as in the old Firefox 3.6. (In later releases, after 4.0, there may be no quit dialog at all, relying on session restore entirely.)