2011-01-19 trunk builds


  • Fixed: 598921 - Reduce default addon bar height.
  • Fixed: 622482 - [Windows] Support subpixel-AA when drawing to transparent surfaces with DirectWrite.
  • Fixed: 569850 - [Windows] For tabs in the title bar, background tabs shouldn't be transparent under Win XP and Win 7/classic.
  • Fixed: 613696 - Minefield button randomly changes sizes.
  • Fixed: 609685 - FOUC and other excessive painting if Panorama has ever been opened in the window.
  • Fixed: 522375 - Built-in startup time measurement (extension to make it visible).
  • Fixed: 612025 - window in a user script is no longer a XPCNativeWrapper object for Greasemonkey.
  • Fixed: 624588 - Change Panorama shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+E (Shift-Cmd-E on Mac).
  • Fixed: 620472 - "Work offline" shouldn't be managed by Firefox, only by the user.
  • Fixed: 573875 - for (var p in localStorage) is failtastic.

Fixes for recent regressions:

  • Fixed: 624265 - Undo most recently closed tab creates a new tab group and switches to it.

All changes between 2010-12-28 nightly and 2011-01-09 nightly

Nightly builds (discussion)

4 Responses to “2011-01-19 trunk builds”

  1. Helder Magalhães Says:

    Bug 605662 already listed in 2011-01-09 trunk builds… ;-)

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Oops, thanks.

  3. kitchin Says:

    The patch for this one was backed out because it somehow broke updating:
    Bug 620472 “Work offline” shouldn’t be managed by Firefox, only by the user.

  4. kitchin Says:

    Bug 620472 fix applied again.