2010-12-20 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: Land the places branch, with numerous improvements to the speed of bookmarks and history.
  • Fixed: 272288 - Allow SVG source for <svg:image>.
  • Fixed: 584259 - Add experimental support for packed format 3D video to libnestegg/WebMReader.
  • Fixed: 613714 - Switch tab modal prompts from blur to slight dim.
  • Fixed: 607894 - Tab matches always appear before normal history results.
  • Fixed: 596485 - Tab matches should provide visual indication of override (when holding Shift or Alt).
  • Fixed: 618437 - Indicate blocked popups with a glyph in the address bar.
  • Fixed: 600551 - Password manager not working with input type="email".
  • Fixed: 617729 - Prettier Bookmark Star Icon.
  • Fixed: 605338 - [Windows 7] Disable taskbar tab previews. (We eventually want them to appear on hover, but not on click.)

Fixes for recent regressions:

  • Fixed: 554279 - Restarting Firefox sometimes resets the toolbar customizations.
  • Fixed: 617123 - Images are randomly corrupted.
  • Fixed: 614677 - Connection is reset message appears intermittently after landing of bug 592284.
  • Fixed: 618942 - Window closes when picking a location bar result with alt+enter in a window with only one blank tab.
  • Fixed: 614350 - Web console's console object colliding with content breaks sites.

All changes between 2010-12-10 nightly and 2010-12-20 nightly

Windows builds: Win32 nightly, Win64 nightly (discussion)

Mac builds: Mac nightly

Linux builds: Linux32 nightly, Linux64 nightly

2 Responses to “2010-12-20 Trunk builds”

  1. Per Ångström Says:

    I’m having unexpected trouble with this build (Linux64): after a while, Firefox will not reload some pages (all from the same site), it gets stuck forever in GET, while other sites keep loading fine. At the same time, the sites that won’t load in Firefox load OK in other browsers. At first it was only one site that was affected, then another site stopped working, and after that I had to restart the browser. Now after restarting it has started happening again, after some hours of uptime.

    BTW, Jessie, all the download links point to the same place.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    All the nightly builds are getting generated from the set changeset and with the same build ID now! Isn’t it great?