2010-12-10 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 594482 - Java applets broken with content policies (NoScript, Adblock Plus, GreaseMonkey...).
  • Fixed: 597235 - Remove Java Console extensions in the install directory's extensions directory on install and app update.
  • Fixed: 616014 - Add a close icon to the add-on bar to dismiss it.
  • Fixed: 571970 - Main browser chrome should be hidden when viewing in-content UI.
  • Fixed: 406375 - In modal dialog (window.open with modal=yes) child windows and dialogs do not populate with expected content.
  • Fixed: 615435 - Relocate the Home button to the right side of the browser.
  • Fixed: 589435 - Style Firefox button's submenus.
  • Fixed: 616733 - Disable WebSockets due to security problems.
  • Fixed: 611400 - Footprint: mjit::Compiler::finishThisUp: pc->ncode map wastes space.
  • Fixed: 615194 - Footprint: Image Discarding does not work until tabs have been touched at least once.
  • Fixed: 609905 - Footprint: reTempAlloc: 512k heap allocation for no purpose.
  • Fixed: 616310 - Footprint: reduce fragmentation in ExecutableAllocator.
  • Fixed: 617215 - Leak in JS_NewString.
  • Fixed: 617097 - Leak with Number.toLocaleString.
  • Fixed: 616994 - Leak when dragging images on Linux.
  • Fixed: 617505 - Don't OOM so easily growing dense arrays.
  • Fixed: 588764 - [Windows] Content area needs a grey border around it.
  • Fixed: 603367 - [Windows] Use ANGLE to render WebGL.

Fixes for recent regressions:

  • Fixed: 613742 - alert() text can't be selected anymore.
  • Fixed: 616070 - alert() from a background tab should should switch to the tab.
  • Fixed: 604381 - Panorama stops working, if set javascript.options.methodjit.chrome to true.
  • Fixed: 614677 - Connection is reset message appears intermittently after landing of bug 592284.
  • Fixed: 614958 - Browser freezing on exit, requires forced quit after going offline/sleeping (event loop spinning forever).

All changes between 2010-11-30 nightly and 2010-12-10 nightly

Windows builds: Win32 nightly, Win64 nightly (discussion)

Mac builds: Mac nightly

Linux builds: Linux32 nightly, Linux64 nightly

5 Responses to “2010-12-10 Trunk builds”

  1. steve Says:

    617097 seems to be about Number.toLocaleString, not Date.toLocaleString

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Thanks for the correction, Steve.

  3. Chris Says:

    The bug ID and link for “Leak when dragging images on Linux.” are wrong.

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Thanks Chris, I meant to link to bug 616994.

  5. Manoj Mehta Says:

    I just downloaded the latest nightly and the memory footprint of Minefield on my Mac has reduced – awesome. What I found perplexing was why even with no Tabs open, Activity Monitor shows the Minefield process has 347MB of Real Memory allocated to it. Any reason why Minefield isn’t giving up this memory (decompressed images and other artifacts created while displaying tabs I have closed).