2007-08-12 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 339056 - Provide mechanism to allow users to list, enable, disable plugins in primary UI.
  • Fixed: 388517 - Revised download manager UI for Firefox 3.
  • Fixed: 267831 - Add a resizer between the address bar and search bar. (In an existing profile, you can add it by dragging the new "resizer" element from Customize Toolbars sheet to the space between the address bar and search bar.)
  • Fixed: 333907 - [Windows] XRE quits too abruptly when Windows is shut down.
  • Fixed: 190615 - [Linux] Make stop_at_punctuation=true the default on unix (double-clicking shouldn't select punctuation).
  • Fixed: 383960 - Upgrade cairo to 1.5.x.
  • Fixed: 319778 - Replace MySpell with HunSpell.
  • Fixed: 354380 - Crashes [@ _PR_MD_ATOMIC_DECREMENT].
  • Fixed: 365336 - Text-decoration width should be rounded to the device pixels.
  • Fixed: 389659 - Scrollbar dragging broken when using fullZoom != 1.0.
  • Fixed: 385393 - JavaScript Engine: fast (frame-less) native call optimizations (to fix the issue where "a.push(b)" is slower than "a[a.length] = b").
  • Fixed: 386265 - JavaScript Engine: use double-hashing for atoms.
  • Fixed: 385376 - Add nsPresContext and nsEventStateManager to cycle collection to fix a memory leak when closing tabs.
  • Fixed: 390904 - XULRunner apps have no way of using platform specific XPCOM components or skins based on user OS.
  • Fixed: 355789 - [Vista] Use vista native uxtheme for menu rendering.

David Baron's war against memory leaks has hit a significant milestone: zero leaks of XPCOM objects on Linux as measured by the "RLk" test.

Fixes for recent regressions:

  • Fixed: 390001 - Enumeration over cross origin wrappers doesn't work (fixes Yahoo Mail Beta).
  • Fixed: 390707 - Crash on shutdown when using Apple-Q to quit [@ AppKitMenuEventHandler] [@ objc_msgSend].
  • Worked around: 390451 - Remembered passwords lost when changing Master Password. (The UI for changing the master password has been disabled temporarily to prevent dataloss.)

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  1. shadytrees Says:

    Have you thought about tracking the gfxSkipCharsIterator::SetOffsets bugs? Those currently make the trunk unusable right now, IMO, although I hope roc’s patch gets checked in soon.