2007-08-01 Trunk builds

Last Wednesday was an exciting freeze day due to being the deadline for new Gecko 1.9 features. (The deadline for new Firefox 3 frontend features is separate.) The tree has been closed for Alpha 7 for about a week in order to fix regressions, but it looks like Alpha 7 will be tagged today and the tree will reopen.


  • Fixed: 373353 - Add favicons to location bar autocomplete results.
  • Fixed: 332748 - Change defalut history from 9 days to 180 days.
  • Fixed: 294615 - Search/find fails on words containing soft hyphen (­).
  • Fixed: 16769 - Add cms (Color Management) support (preffed off).
  • Fixed: 371432 - Need an API to store <input type=file> data offline and access when online.
  • Fixed: 371432 - add a sendAsBinary() method to XMLHttpRequest (for sending data from an <input type=file> element, among other things).
  • Fixed: 389508 - Implement Cross-site XMLHttpRequest.
  • Fixed: 194404 - Add the showModalDialog() and showModelessDialog() methods.
  • Fixed: 280959 - Add support for on[before](cut, copy, paste) events.
  • Fixed: 339553 - drawString enhancement for <canvas>.
  • Fixed: 4821 - Add backend support for full page zooming (images and layout in addition to text). (There is no UI in Firefox yet, and we're not sure whether Firefox 3 will have UI for full zoom or text zoom or both. You can use Ted's extension to try out the feature.)
  • Fixed: 385397 - History menu is slow to open with a large history.
  • Fixed: 388135 - Don't de-emphasize the path in the location bar (revert the most visible change from bug 366797).
  • Fixed: 385065 - New protocol handling dialog.
  • Fixed: 367911 - Implement cross-origin wrappers (to improve cross-site scripting defenses).
  • Fixed: 387969 - Add support for CSS "text-rendering" property for HTML. (This allows sites to control whether text rendering uses the "quality path", which enables kerning and ligatures on most operating systems, or the "fast path", which forgoes these readability tweaks on most operating systems in favor of rendering speed. The new default for HTML is to use the quality path for large font sizes and the fast path for small font sizes. The cutoff is controlled by a hidden pref that defaults to 20px. Only Windows and Linux have fast paths; Mac trunk currently only has a quality path.)
  • Fixed: 380813 - Add better scripting support for files and streams (scriptable IO).
  • Fixed: 373572 - Implement SVG tile filter.
  • Fixed: 383184 - Implement SVG lighting filters.
  • Fixed: 382223 - Add support for Camellia to PSM.
  • Fixed: 221150 - Speed up creation of textboxes.
  • Fixed: 376291 - Inline javascript code dramatically slower than the same code placed in a function.
  • Fixed: 387196 - Support the new google safebrowsing (anti-phishing) protocol.
  • Fixed: 360134 - Bookmarks must be externally uniquely identifiable (for sync purposes).
  • Fixed: 388839 - Object to manage updates to the offline cache.
  • Fixed: 389223 - Update the offline cache atomically.
  • Fixed: 389584 - Show 10 rows (instead of 6) in the url bar autocomplete results.
  • Fixed: 321447 - Allow slower minimum speed for autoscroll.
  • Fixed: 316981 - background-position property is not available through the CSS DOM interface.
  • Fixed: 316908 - Add SVG to nsComputedDOMStyle.
  • Fixed: 80887 - Implement -moz-initial value for almost all remaining CSS properties.
  • Fixed: 387930 - API for accessing and modifying content handling datastore.
  • Fixed: 338302 - Tab drag and drop indicator (arrow) only works after first drag of a tab.
  • Fixed: 376124 - Random lines rendered when scrolling.
  • Fixed: 355367 - Textbox onchange doesn't fire if user tabs out and value changed in onkeydown.
  • Fixed: 259332 - Improve support for document.all such that we can deal with multiple elements with the same id and/or name.
  • Fixed: 379349 - Multi-page overflow content takes up space.
  • Fixed: 386154 - Effective TLD service uses too much memory.
  • Fixed: 319455 - Expire Places annotations.
  • Fixed: 388403 - Update to NSS 3.12.
  • Fixed: 352762 - [Windows Vista] XPInstall permission problems.
  • Fixed: 368587 - [Windows Vista] Avoid the second UAC prompt for helper.exe on software update by launching it directly from the elevated updater.exe process.

Fixes for recent regressions:

  • Fixed: 387691 - Don't ship <link> from the body to the head.
  • Fixed: 387499 - Keys (Up/Down/any character) no longer working in collapsed XUL combo boxes.
  • Fixed: 388280 - "Show (blocked popup-URL)" does not work.
  • Fixed: 387264 - JavaScript bookmarklets work from sidebar but not from Bookmarks menu.
  • Fixed: 369882 - Vertically centered elements sit 1px too low (Firefox tabs, urlbar favicon).
  • Fixed: 385168 - Changing input locale leads to sticky ALT key.
  • Fixed: 388317 - Autocomplete and menulist popups should not be styled as native menus.
  • Fixed: 385853 - Getting the quit prompt when restarting firefox after apply software update.
  • Fixed: 385425 - Getting the quit prompt when restarting firefox after installing an add on.
  • Fixed: 373500 - Generated titles (microsummaries) are not used in tree and menu places views.
  • Fixed: 389428 - Crash [@ gfxTextRun::CompressedGlyph::IsClusterStart] in nsTextFrame::Reflow (fixed by backing out the fix for 385270).

With all the large changes that landed last Wednesday and Thursday, there were quite a few nasty regressions, but most of them have already been fixed.

Trunk regressions:

  • Since July 24: 390451 - Remembered passwords lost when changing Master Password.

Trunk checkins between 2007-07-20 04:00 and 2007-08-01 04:00

Windows builds: Windows nightly (discussion)

Linux builds: Linux nightly

Mac builds: Mac nightly

12 Responses to “2007-08-01 Trunk builds”

  1. David Says:

    Wow, I think I need to download a nightly build. Lots of nice improvements and changes.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I updated http://www.squarefree.com/burningedge/releases/trunk-for-firefox-3.html today, too.

  3. Joël Kuiper Says:

    So will there be any GUI changes in the Final version or will just be another boring release for the end users?

  4. Mithgol the Webmaster Says:

    Damn, no signs of FUEL 0.2! Does it mean that FUEL 0.2 is delayed until Firefox 4 and the late 2008?

  5. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I don’t know whether more of FUEL 0.2 will be added in Firefox 3. Ask the people involved in bug 380168, maybe?

  6. Mithgol the Webmaster Says:

    I’ve learned already that it is neither polite nor useful to «spam» in the bugs… My question was rhetorical, born in the deep abyss of desperation where I find myself painfully realizing that I still would have to code a lot over naked XPCOM even when Firefox 3 is out…

  7. Mithgol the Webmaster Says:

    I still may ask them via e-mail, though…

  8. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Any particular FUEL API you were hoping for? I assume you weren’t planning to use all of them.

  9. Mithgol the Webmaster Says:

    I emailed Mark Finkle and was told that FUEL 0.2 landed in alpha 6. Good; I assume now that the bug is still open just because there are some tests not landed yet.

  10. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Oh, neat. Sorry for the inaccuracy in trunk-for-firefox-3.html. I’ve updated it.

  11. Ferdinand Says:

    I second Joël Kuiper, when can we use places for searching bookmarking tagging etc.? Speedups, better memory management and better support for new web standards is nice but we were drooling over the promise of places with FX2.

  12. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Soon, I imagine, since I hear the feature freeze for Firefox is in early September.