2007-01-18 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 200930 - Implement the proposed Web Apps 1.0 API for changing the selected style sheet set, querying the available sets, etc. (DOM methods for choosing alternate stylesheets.)
  • Fixed: Parts of 333659 - Move nsTextFrame over to Thebes APIs.
  • Fixed: 366880 - Add support for "-moz-column-gap: normal" (1em) and change the default from 0 to normal.
  • Fixed: 362446 - Webapps storage should have size limits on the storage allowed per site.
  • Fixed: 298371 - Make richlistbox multi-selectable.
  • Fixed: 240363 - Autoscroll should stop completely when window loses focus.

Fixes for recent regressions:

  • Fixed: 363329 - Cell in table with colspan is too wide.
  • Fixed: 360000 - Transparency in favicon not shown.

Please keep an eye out for regressions where Firefox mis-detects charsets that it used to guess correctly. The fix for a security bug, bug 356280, changed how Firefox determines some pages' charsets.

Trunk regressions:

  • Since Jan 18: Several SVG regressions due to bug 367031.
  • Since Nov 22: 361523 - [Mac] Form borders are too thick.
  • Since Nov 22: 361600 - [Mac] Flashing when switching tabs, opening the find bar, etc.
  • Since Jan 26, 2006 (FDL): 324819 - Fixed positioned elements now lag/flicker when scrolling.

Trunk checkins between 2007-01-11 04:00 and 2007-01-18 04:00

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26 Responses to “2007-01-18 Trunk builds”

  1. Manoj Mehta Says:

    Like there has been a MOKB, a MOAB and a Month of Google Bugs, I think the Mozilla org should proactively instate a Month of Mozilla Bugs. If the Mozilla Org announces this initiative before a hacker out there, it will buy positive press, make the organization seem security conscious and will take the limelight away from hackers, among other goals that I can’t foresee. Is there anyone I can contact with this idea?

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    The idea of creating a “Month of Mozilla Bugs” sounds fun, but I’m guessing we wouldn’t want it to work the same way as MoAB (disclosing ~30 severe bugs to the public and the vendor at the same time). Do you have ideas about how it could work? Here are some of my thoughts:

    * Invite people who might not currently be Mozilla hackers to help fix long-standing bugs (including sg:want bugs); pledge help over IRC and speedy review of patches.

    * Discuss some especially clever bug finds (162020), exploits (311497#c10), and bug-finding techniques (349611) that have come from the Mozilla community and independent researchers in the past. Mention when the bug finders have won bug bounties, and award bug bounties as part of the MoMB if we should have awarded them earlier but forgot to.

    Good people to discuss this with include Dan Veditz, Window Snyder, Chris Hofmann, and Mike Schroepfer.

    Btw, the first “Month of * bugs” (afaik) was the “Month of Browser Bugs”, run by HD Moore in July 2006.