2006-08-17 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 218277 - No-break spaces in submitted text are replaced by breakable spaces.
  • Fixed: 343129 - Big5-HKSCS 2004 Unicode Table Update.
  • Fixed: 345510 - Add <xul:textbox type="number">.
  • Fixed: 345736 - Add support for "for each" and "let[x,y]" in array comprehensions.
  • Fixed: 343921 - Blank window left after download closes too late (only after the download finishes).
  • Fixed: 300689 - [Windows] Minimizing browser window does not surrender focus (taskbar button stays "selected").
  • Fixed: More of 342366 - [Windows] Make cairo gfx faster on Windows.
  • Fixed: 184363 - Crash with tooltip [@ nsXULTooltipListener::KillTooltipTimer] [@ nsXULTooltipListener::DestroyTooltip] [@ nsXULTooltipListener::HideTooltip].
  • Fixed: 233611 - Download Manager Closes after download is cancelled, retried, and cancelled again.
  • Fixed: 342900 - Open tab in background gives no indication that tab opened in overflow area. (Note: not fixed on Mac until Cairo lands.)
  • Fixed: 286619 - Registered event listeners are lost (not firing) after moving XUL elements using DOM appendChild/removeChild methods.
  • Fixed: 304574 - CGI/dynamically-generated images are loaded twice when generating preview for URL bar favicon.
  • Fixed: 231830 - Crash on style.display = 'none' for select element when event onchange occurs [@ nsStyleContext::GetRuleNode ][@ nsIFrame::Invalidate ].
  • Fixed: 294584 - Profile fills with bookmarks-##.html files due to contention with Spotlight or virus scanner.
  • Fixed: 340314 - Sound is played to random file descriptors, corrupting mailboxes, address books, cert DBs.
  • Fixed: 345993 - Show full Build ID (including hour) in about: (but not in Help > About).
  • Fixed: 346785 - Firefox needs a performance testing framework for Windows.
  • Fixed: 346942 - Finalize anti-phishing UI.
  • Fixed: 280936 - In right-to-left languages, ZWNJ character is not handled. (Needed for Persian translation of Firefox.)
  • Fixed: 346156 - [Mac] New version of Java Embedding Plugin (0.9.5+g).

Fixes for recent regressions:

  • Fixed: 345112 - Make the inline spellchecker work incrementally.
  • Fixed: 342646 - Trunk crashes while opening HTTPS links with Ad Muncher running [@ PL_DHashTableOperate].
  • Fixed: 345660 - Crash [@ ClassifyWrapper] with xmlhttprequest and NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND when Firebug extension is installed.
  • Fixed: 345786 - Match case button missing from Find Bar.
  • Fixed: 344189 - If browser.search.openintab pref is set to true Firefox opens two identical tabs for each search.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, pressing Enter in the search bar does nothing.
  • Fixed: 324707 - Animated GIFs leave trails / don't erase in Cairo.

Trunk regressions:

  • Since VC8/Cairo: 329237 - [Windows] Firefox uninstaller fails.
  • Since Cairo: 324560 - Can't see many Unicode characters in Cairo.
  • Since Jan 26 (FDL): 325296 - [Mac] Opacity doesn't work in HTML. (Switching to Cairo will fix this bug.)
  • Since Jan 26 (FDL): 324819 - Fixed positioned elements now lag/flicker when scrolling.
  • Since Jan 26 (FDL): 324963 - [Windows] Menu highlight is broken/doesn't show up/not painted.

Trunk checkins between 2006-07-30 06:00 and 2006-08-17 06:00

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One Response to “2006-08-17 Trunk builds”

  1. J. McNair Says:

    343129 sounds like it would be good for a 1.8.0.x as well as a 1.8.x just as a courtesy to Chinese speaking Firefox fans. Character sets and Unicode mappings are naturally very tricky, so I understand letting it “bake”.

    If (after testing) it is found to work without regressions, is there a way to ask to keep it from being put off until Fx3 or even Fx2? I mean, the mapping table is just that, a table of useful data for one specific implementation that doesn’t affect anything else. There is little to no actual code and no changes to any subsystems. It’s not like the Persian translation which depends on several major bugfixes (and thus warrants waiting for another release).

    Just asking, and thanks for updating.