New release changelogs

I posted two changelogs today based on Burning Edge posts: What's new in Bon Echo Alpha 3 (for Firefox 2) and What's new on the trunk for Firefox 3.

4 Responses to “New release changelogs”

  1. Rainfall Says:

    Please, do actually post these. First, the links in your RSS feed are different than these in your post. Second, both result in a “404 not found” page.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Links fixed (made absolute).

  3. FP Says:

    I think Bug 251491 was only added to Places so it’s no longer active in Bon Echo (I could be wrong).

  4. Kim Sullivan Says:

    Is the new SQLite based mozStorage api available in Bon Echo? I thought they only removed places, but left the sqlite code in so extension developers could use it (at least, according to this post). If it is available, it should be mentioned in the “new extension developer features”.