2006-03-07 Trunk builds

Cairo, a library that will replace much of Mozilla's graphics code, was turned on starting with Feb 23 builds (only on Windows for now). The first few trunk builds with Cairo enabled were pretty busted (bold didn't work, VC8 library issues), but the biggest problems there have been fixed. It will be enabled by default for Linux and Mac as well over the next few weeks.

Places, a replacement for bookmarks and history, was turned on (for the second time) starting with March 2 builds. The first trunk builds with Places enabled were badly busted (non-working bookmarks toolbars, impossible to edit bookmarklets, no icons in Options, broken bookmark keywords), but those large problems have been fixed.

These builds are the first Places+Cairo builds I expect to be able to use as dogfood. See the regressions section for regressions that remain from these huge changes.


  • Fixed: 317841 - Places (new Bookmarks & History system).
  • Fixed: 323923 - [Windows] Change default toolkit on Windows to cairo-windows.
  • Fixed: 325561 - Partial updates failing when people remove search plugins.
  • Fixed: 189570 - Aborting a page load causes untransferred content that already exists to be doomed from the disk cache.
  • Fixed: 270558 - Password manager should not fill in username and password if the username field is pre-filled by the server to a different username.
  • Fixed: 296538 - Reduce memory cache size.
  • Fixed: 197263 - Unchecking "enable automatic image resizing" also disables click-to-resize.
  • Fixed: 300453 - 'Disable common annoyances' prevents focusing of designmode iframes.
  • Fixed: 235336 - Password manager doesn't prefill mailman admin passwords.
  • Fixed: 324985 - First-Chance at Content Sniffing.
  • Fixed: 315598 - Allow more than one global redirect observer.
  • Fixed: 286557 - Need an easy way to skip/disable/turn off the Import Wizard (profile migration) on first startup (when no profile exists).
  • Fixed: 319319 - Clean up after broken spyware toolbar "MyWebSearch" (it breaks the browser with a large grey bar at the bottom of the screen).
  • Fixed: 317865 - Stop doing last-ditch garbage collection due to there being 4MB on the JS heap. (Last-ditch garbage collection is GC called by the JS allocator. LDGCs are still possible in cases of malloc failure, or if the JS engine allocates 4MB without doing a GC, but those situations are less common. Bugs tickled by LDGCs are believed to be responsible for several topcrashes; this patch will make those crashes much less frequent.)
  • Fixed: 319980 - JavaScript garbage collector not run when supposed to, leading to "memory leak".
  • Fixed: 327896 - Introduce JS_STATIC_ASSERT, a macro for asserting during compilation.
  • Fixed: 328104 - Don't entrain observer service in update service.
  • Fixed: 299065 - Bidi resolution needs to split inlines in addition to text frames.
  • Fixed: 326966 - Reenable SVG foreignobject on trunk (cairo builds only).
  • Fixed: 327675 - [Windows] Require Windows 2000 or better (cairo builds only).
  • Fixed: 328596 - [Mac Intel] Difficult to "Open using Rosetta" due to self-relaunching.

Fixes for recent regressions:

  • Fixed: 326827 - Buttons don't always react to mouse clicks (since Jan 26 -- frame display lists).
  • Fixed: 325296 - JavaScript opacity for text in <div> element is broken, no problem on branch.
  • Fixed: 324940 - [Mac] Close buttons and site icons (favicons) no longer appear in backgrounded tabs unless hovered over. (The fix was to stop supporting transparency for some things on Mac.)

Trunk regressions:

  • Since Mar 2 (Places): 329100 - "Customize..." window is missing items, disables all menus on close.
  • Since Mar 2 (Places): 327453 - Cannot add RSS feed to bookmarks (live bookmarks not working).
  • Since Cairo: 324707 - Some animated gifs including the throbber don't animate.
  • Since Cairo: 324706 - Bitmap fonts don't render in cairo builds.
  • Since Cairo: 324560 - Can't see many Unicode characters in Cairo.
  • Since Cairo: 328241 - Anti-aliasing problem with joining borders.
  • Since Cairo: 328337 - Black flash if you visit page that loaded in a background tab.
  • Since Jan 31: 324961 - Live bookmark is shown in UTF8 even if should be ISO-8859-1.
  • Since Jan 26 (FDL): [Mac] Opacity doesn't work. (Related to 325296. Cairo will fix.)
  • Since Jan 26 (FDL): 324819 - Fixed positioned elements now lag/flicker when scrolling.
  • Since Jan 26 (FDL): 324963 - [Windows] Menu highlight is broken/doesn't show up/not painted.

Trunk checkins between 2006-02-18 06:00 and 2006-03-07 06:00

Windows builds: Windows nightly, Windows hourly (discussion)

Linux builds: Linux nightly Linux hourly

Mac builds: Mac nightly, Mac hourly

7 Responses to “2006-03-07 Trunk builds”

  1. David Naylor Says:

    These are exciting times…

  2. rodii Says:

    I want Cairo on a Mac!! *whine* Is there anywhere we can track the progress of that effort?

  3. dolphinling Says:

    There are some other rather major regressions recently, including my own Bug 329260 and Bug 328040.

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I want Cairo on a Mac!! *whine* Is there anywhere we can track the progress of that effort?

    bug 323934 – Change default toolkit on Mac to cairo-mac.
    depends on two bugs:
    bug 328116 – Implement Cairo-on-OSX for Thebes gfx
    bug 111230 – Use Cocoa for Widget instead of Carbon

    There’s also:
    309571 – create accelerated cairo backend for Mac OS X

  5. CooLynX Says:

    I do not know if it is in purspose, but discussion link does not lead to mozillazine forums.

  6. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Thanks, coolynx. Fixed my pasto.

  7. Hank Roberts Says:

    If anyone’s still using the 1.5.0.x branch builds besides me, I just noticed there’s a nightly available now.