2006-02-18 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 298497 - Support extension dependencies.
  • Fixed: 147017 - Support rgba and hsla colors in CSS (only in cairo builds).
  • Fixed: 325279 - Firefox 1.6a1 crash [@ ClassifyWrapper] on exit (extension related). When the event listener managers hash contains leaked entries, it should leak too to avoid crashes.
  • Fixed: 318419 - window.setTimeout() goes crazy periodically - functions are immediately called repeatedly. Make sure we don't end up firing JS timeouts/intervals way early when PRIntervalTime wraps.
  • Fixed: 111428 - If a folder name ends '\' or '/' in IE Favorites, the folder cannot be imported.
  • Fixed: 285631 - Improve XUL Templates.
  • Fixed: 159440 - "Allow docs to use other fonts" causes <pre> to use variable width font family.
  • Fixed: 175074 - URN:ISBN link converted to URN://ISBN.
  • Fixed: 265740 - Browser crashes some times when loading gmail and loading another tab [@ js_Interpret].
  • Fixed: 326149 - Move printing code from GFX to widget.
  • Fixed: 327242 - Make nsIPrincipal scriptable so things like CheckLoadURIWithPrincipal are usable from script.
  • Fixed: 326725 - Clean up GetOuterSVGFrame.
  • Fixed: 308589 - SVG patterns are not live.
  • Fixed: 318597 - Implement various SVG text, tspan and textPath DOM functions.
  • Fixed: 325378 - More already_AddRefed use in combobox/listbox needed (to fix memory leaks).
  • Partially fixed: 78081 - Don't export intermediate libraries.
  • Fixed: 317481 - Add C API for nsTraceRefcnt.
  • Fixed: 327256 - Add ability to nsCOMArray to preallocate space.
  • Fixed: 170854 - [Mac] Roman script of UI should be rendered with Lucida Grande on all system locales.
  • Fixed: 323657 - [Mac] User-Agent string should identify Mac universal binaries.
  • Fixed: 322578 - [Mac] Support ppc<->x86 cross builds for Mac OS X.
  • Fixed: 313398 - [Mac] Unoptimized Intel Mac debug build crashes with a misaligned stack.
  • Fixed: 313347 - [Mac] Flash plugin crashes browser on Intel Mac OS X.

Places was enabled by default for a day or two, but it was disabled by default again due to leaks and performance issues. This build doesn't use Places.

Trunk regressions:

  • Since Jan 26: 324819 - Fixed positioned elements now lag/flicker when scrolling.
  • Since Jan 26: 324963 - [Windows] Menu highlight is broken/doesn't show up/not painted.
  • Since Jan 26: 324940 - [Mac] Close buttons and site icons (favicons) no longer appear in backgrounded tabs unless hovered over.

Trunk checkins between 2006-02-09 06:00 and 2006-02-18 06:00

Windows builds: Windows nightly, Windows hourly (discussion)

Linux builds: Linux nightly Linux hourly

Mac builds: Mac nightly, Mac hourly

14 Responses to “2006-02-18 Trunk builds”

  1. Philippe Says:

    147017 – Support rgba and hsla colors in CSS.
    That is nice. But it only will work on Cairo builds :-(
    Is there any ETA as to when Cairo will be turned on, esp on Mac OS X ?

  2. Dao Says:

    I just wanted to ask the same question, Philippe.

  3. кропп.спб.ру | Зависимости расширений в Firefox Says:

    […] Из последнего поста на Burning Edge я узнал, что в Firefox добавлена поддержка зависимости расширений (bug 298497). Так же слегка улучшен интерфейс менеджера расширений. Все это можно увидеть на скриншотах. […]

  4. Seth Dillingham Says:

    I could have saved myself a lot of time by reading the comments on this page. I didn’t realize rgba and hsla are only in the cairo builds until I read the patch. Wasted a lot fo time trying to figure out why DeerPark (on the mac) wasn’t recognizing rgba and hsla in color specifications.

  5. Ian Says:

    Cairo is turned on fully in Firefox 3.0, which is (iirc) end of 2006/start of 2007.

  6. Dao Says:

    Ian, that’s why we’ve been asking for the trunk nightlies.

  7. TheBee Says:

    Dao, cairo-enabled builds are available from the gaius/columbia/argo directories. But currently the are in a horrible, unusable condition.

  8. Ted Mielczarek (luser) Says:

    The cairo builds seem pretty usable to me, at least on win32. They have some issues, but they’re not that bad.

  9. Manoj Mehta Says:

    I downloaded the latest-trunk/ build today and I get the error message:
    “An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly.”
    This is on Windows XP and I know about the recent shift to the new VC compiler for Windows binaries. Is there something I can do on my machine to get Firefox to work.

  10. Manoj Mehta Says:

    I just tried installing the latest nightly build and I get the following error:
    “An application made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly.”

    Does someone know how to fix this on Windows XP/x86?

  11. theefool Says:

    If you downloaded the latest trunk build installer, then no.

    You need to download the .zip file and uncompress it to the appropriate folder. It has been like this for a few days now

  12. nestastnik Says:

    Hi, off-topic question. Testing all the builds I can’t find option to disable poping up of yellow bar at the top of the window, when the plugins are missing. As I don’t want to install quicktime or flash everytime I change another nightly, I would like to browse w/o it. I can, but I’ll get this yellow bar at the top saying a plugin is missing all the time. I would like to say: I KNOW IT IS MISSING! I WON’T INSTALL IT! NOT TODAY, NOT TOMMOROW, NEVER.

    any settings or will FF finaly persuade me to install quicktime and flash?

  13. peakshysteria Says:

    can anyone confirm if TBE works with latest trunk or not? Seems that latest 1.8 branch breaks TBE.

  14. Manoj Mehta Says:

    Anyone notice that bookmark properties cannot be viewed by clicking on the context menu entry for Properties in the Places view? This might be unrelated, but bookmark keywords aren’t working either.