2005-11-04 Branch builds


  • Fixed: 314754 - "Extension compatibility updates" check never completes.
  • Fixed: 314684 - Endless update loop from firefox 1.5 beta2 to 1.5 rc1 if 1.0.x was ever installed (finds and downloads an update, fails to apply, then prompts for re-download).

Fixes for regressions:

  • Fixed: 312777 - Negative margins cause floated elements to be placed to the right of incorrect earlier boxes (since March 2005).
  • Fixed: 312363 - document.write into iframe results in broken-lock icon (bankhapoalim.co.il incorrectly indicated as only partially encrypted) (since Sept 3, 2005).
  • WFM: 314484 - Firefox 1.5 RC1 topcrash [@ 0xffffff4d] [@ js_GC] (frequent crash, especially when Greasemonkey is installed).

No known major regressions.

Gecko 1.8 branch checkins between 2005-11-01 06:00 and 2005-11-04 06:00

Windows builds: Windows nightly, Windows hourly (discussion)

Linux builds: Linux nightly, Linux hourly

Mac builds: Mac nightly, Mac hourly

8 Responses to “2005-11-04 Branch builds”

  1. peakshysteria Says:

    Thanks…………..looking very smooth this one. No regressions as i can see. Even the speed seems a bit faster. FAYT is back on track on my end too. Stil some javascript issues which i cant find out of. Causing some sites to not finish loading even when they are done. Could be my system. Cant get to update java properly……..anyone else experiencing the same???

  2. nestastnik Says:

    Nice release, but still I feel some slowdown or smlt in the development…
    I am also very annoyed on project announcement, which are never accurate, nor by a month or so on schedule..the schedule is moving and moving and moving.

    Some announcement indicated that in this time November2005 we would have FF2.0 already, which I would love, but I would love to have 1.5 a month ago also.

    One thing, going through the options menu, there COULD BE A CLEANUP, for average joe, so I put there at least one oppinion.

    TOOLS|OPTIONS|PRIVACY we should JOIN History and Download History on 1 TAB, being on 2 TABS just take space and they could CLEARLY be on 1 TAB.
    It shouldn’t be a problem, its just a GUI thing, if you like it.

  3. peakshysteria Says:

    hmmm, he, a bit frustrated today nestastnik? Maybe you should bring it down to the Mozillazine forum….But before you do i can recommend Tabbrowser extension (http://piro.sakura.ne.jp/xul/tabextensions/index.html.en) which makes a list of closed tabs available via Alt + R (whith the ability to flush history) , or you can Ctrl + Shift + Z to reopen closed tabs. Alt + I gives you a list of current tabs and marks the tab in focus. In addition you get history on the go, back and forward buttons and many many more things……….

  4. nestastnik Says:

    last time I heard that TBE is broken in 1.5RC1 of FF, so now I am using TAB MIX PLUS, which has received better voices on forums…but which is too complex to my liking(I need max 20 percent of his functionality), and has brought some bugs to normally working vanilla tabbed experience.

    But I wasn’t talking about functionality but about GUI cleanup thing, when you look on History tab there is nothing just one listbox and button, on the download history there is a dropdownlist and one label and 2 buttons. All in all they could be put on one panel instead on 2, which also would bring some logic to history tab(browsing history and download history).

    I have no time for mozillazine forum(I guess I would have to register :-), hope developers are reading this blog, if not they must be blind as this is one wonderful resource…

  5. peakshysteria Says:

    Hmm, well it looks like the author of the fantastic TBE havent adjusted the Max verison. But the Nightly tester tools extension (http://users.blueprintit.co.uk/~dave/web/firefox/buildid/nightly.html) fixes that. It forces compatibility to extensions which currently is incompatible (like TBE, Statusbar clock etc…). A very very nice extension.

    Besides that it seems like i misunderstood you, sorry bout that. And it looks like TBE isnt something for you. Its not for everybody, thats for sure. But like i said i recommend it to everyone. But then again if you need just a few adjustments to tabbed browsing your better of with a smaller extension.

    Then, about the GUI, the only thing i miss is the ability to choose which items is showed by icons and which is showed only by text (not either or, or both) . No i run it very minimalistic with only text on all toolbars and menubars. In addition it would be nice to remove Edit, Go and Bookmarks from the menu toolbar………

    Now running Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.2; en-US; rv:1.8) Gecko/20051105 Firefox/1.5 ID:2005110503 looks very stable………….

  6. nestastnik Says:

    peakshysteria , check this…


    there are many other tips, and there are many tools which are doing such things for firefox in gui…lazy to search the web today :-)

  7. peakshysteria Says:

    hehe….yeah a bit lazy today……..i new it was somewhere……good to see that someone is wide awake and ready…thx man…..

  8. Steph_B Says:

    You guys have done an amazing job! Very useful information!Thanks!