2005-11-01 Branch builds


  • Fixed: 314241 - "Report broken web site" toolbar button is broken when using "small icons".
  • Fixed: 313490 - Enable IDN for .org.

Fixes for regressions:

  • Fixed: 313894 - Reporter chrome is registered twice.
  • Fixed: 313360 - Profile locking doesn't work if the profile is located on a FAT partition.

No known major regressions.

Gecko 1.8 branch checkins between 2005-10-26 06:00 and 2005-11-01 06:00

Windows builds: Windows nightly, Windows hourly (discussion)

Linux builds: Linux nightly, Linux hourly

Mac builds: Mac nightly, Mac hourly

8 Responses to “2005-11-01 Branch builds”

  1. peakshysteria Says:

    Very smooth, been testing since early this morning. Maybe som regressions on FAYT in my end. Also some strange errors in the java console which seems to come from something i cant pinpoint. Looks like some pages with a lot of java wont stop loading (both not sure if this is the version or my setup. Comments on this will be apreciated). But for the most everything works just hunky dory…..thanks for this one…..

    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.2; en-US; rv:1.8) Gecko/20051101 Firefox/1.5
    Extensions (enabled: 14, disabled: 0):

    * ChatZilla
    * Content Holder 0.2.2005042201
    * Flashblock 1.3.3
    * Forecastfox
    * InfoLister 0.9c
    * Nightly Tester Tools
    * Restart Firefox 0.3.1
    * Statusbar Clock 1.7.1
    * Tabbrowser Extensions 1.14.2005092501
    * Tabbrowser Extensions:Tab Numbering Module 1.0.2004111201
    * Talkback 1.5
    * Text Link 1.3.2005070402
    * Translate
    * Update Channel Selector 1.0.1

    Themes (3):

    * BlackJapan 0.8.2
    * Firefox (default) 2.0 [selected]
    * UnityGK 1.0

    Plugins (8):

    * Adobe Acrobat
    * Java(TM) 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0 Update 1
    * Microsoft Office 2003
    * Mozilla Default Plug-in
    * Shockwave Flash
    * Shockwave for Director
    * VLC multimedia plugin
    * Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library

  2. costin Says:

    very interesting… since 1.5 beta i i’v tried only two nightlies… and after each one came back to beta 2: because it seems there is a bug in these nightlies… when i load a page in new background tab, firefox freezes until some data fills the background tab… weird… i’m back again to 1.5 beta2 :((((((

  3. nestastnik Says:

    In their allmighty proud super code as would fanatics of Firefox suggest, the update feauter is broken, for me the last twenty releases, counting my current one. 31.october release. I don’t have problem allways to download whole release, the problems have the coders, once the IE7 will go out many ppl will definitely leave this piece of shit crappy broken code which brokes and brokes and…

    brokes and brokes and brokes….

    and brokes….

    and today we fix this

    and tomorrow its broken broken broken…

    HAPPY CODING! at least it must be fun

  4. peakshysteria Says:

    Hmm, nestastnik…….no point in using Firefox if you dont know how to use it. Then you might be better of with the conservative IE which in its lack of features and configurability and intuitivity is somewhat stable. Offcourse if you dont consider the eternal virus bombing and the very seldom updates and the close to total ignorance of us the users and our safety – then you can keep your fantastic IE………which looks more and more like a Firefox ripoff……But jokes aside;

    Costin – I’m using the Update channel selector extension and dont get the latest update (see fex; http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-mozilla1.8/ Latest is; firefox-1.5.en-US.win32.installer.exe 02-Nov-2005 13:07 5.0M ). Not sure whats the update channel link for the nightlies. If its the burning edge i understand the deleay. If not i’m not sure how it all works. I guess i can update manually like before……..but not as smooth then…….

    Besides that it seems that the 20051101 Branch has trouble with copy paste on my end. Could maybe be the * Tabbrowser Extensions:Tab Numbering Module 1.0.2004111201 (forced compatible with the nightly tester tools extension) which is acting up. Copy paste works with the mouse but not always with the keyboard…………

  5. tester Says:

    peakshysteria: Although nestastnik most of time pointless, I must say he has right this time. He was not speaking about IE6 but IE7 which would be a major step forward in all areas(just read ie7 dev blogs). Even now, there are 2 or 3 browsers like Avant or that another one I can’t remember name witch easily beat Firefox on the feature front(yes, you can have extensions with Firefox, but with Avant or The-Other-One-That-Got-Renamed-And-I-am-Lazy-Too-Google – you won’t have to). And they are pretty configurable also with skins etc. And considering they are just using IE XHTML ActiveX component, when IE7 final would be out it would be matter of a week before they would be 100% functional(I guess they would be 100% functional from the start because they would be functional with IE7beta or RC1 already).

    Majority of Joe or Joanne won’t have many reasons to use Firefox then – which at that time would use still twice as much memory for example(as compared to Avant browser with IE7 rendering component). And as far as you switch ActiveX all the way off in IE6 and you have latest SP2 on XP or appropriate SP1 on win2k3, IE6 is about as secure as Firefox right now.

    Don’t get me wrong I like Firefox and I won’t switch to IE anytime soon, but then again, I am not average Joe(nor Joanna, heaven forbid =)

    As for this build, works fine for me.

  6. nestastnik Says:

    thx tester, btw I am never pointless, but open source community is =)

    the other one is called MAXTHON, http://www.maxthon.com/, but there are many others…

    you need to understand how old IE6 is before comparing it to Firefox. One bad thing on IE6 is that it was extremly buggy, but appart the security issues IE6 hasn’t had ANY shitty bug for 4 years or so! Bugs in interface, options setting not working, in update, in rendering(ok standards but..), bug ANYWHERE. It is simply good coding practice and good quality assurance. PAYED very well.

    The fact is com or dcom is now a wrong step when we have .NET, but at the time of win2000 it was such power no-other system could provide, and activeX just hoped it would win with it. Frankly it didn’t, but MS as a big firm can not do things like open source. Leave it supported for 6 months or 1 year, look at Apple, and forget it. With the big power(users) comes big responsibility. And the curse for MS that it has now a completely new and better direction, but it can’t tell the world, leave those crappy IE5 or IE6 or ActiveX bank sites or anything we created, here comes future and all buy Longhorn(vista).

    But with MS it is going to very very nice direction, but it still won’t solve my autoupdate problem with Firefox(which worked 2 weeks ago).

  7. jamcnair Says:

    Actually, I find that IE5.x (windows) was much buggier and more annoying than IE 6.x. Frankly, I refused to touch any of the 5.x series.

    Biggest problem with IE 6.x is that MS stopped IMPROVING it significantly. They nearly disbanded the entire TEAM for a while. Fortunately, MS brought them back together once competition got compelling. They might have realised, with foresight, that the internet could, and would, slowly move on without them (again) and did not want to get caught with their pants down trying to remake the web into their XAML+XPS (Metro) paradise.

    IE7 should be, at least, interesting. I’m disappointed that Windows 2000 is NOT getting it, but MS does want to sell NEW operating systems, not support existing legacy customer bases. I would not be surprised if IE7 for windows Vista has new special exclusive features while IE7 for win XP just “works okay”. Many of my Win2k using friends and business associates should be VERY satisfied with FF 1.5 or Opera.

    I hope that IE continues to actually improve beyond security band-aids for the good of competition, more than anything, and also the fact that the default web experience on many people’s computers should be as standards-compliant as possible. Although, downloading Firefox is quick and easy ;-).

    As for me, I shall be using Firefox for the foreseeable future as my main browser, followed by Opera. I needs my extensions, y’all. On the other hand, if some other browser pulls another IE4 and trounces its competition utterly, then I may switch again.



  8. peakshysteria Says:

    nestastnik: Found out how to update via hte Update channel selector. Now running Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.2; en-US; rv:1.8) Gecko/20051103 Firefox/1.5 ID:2005110303. Seems very smooth. No regressions yet that i can see.

    Besides that i too look forward seeing what IE7 can compete with. And i’m sure it’ll be way better than what we have to run Windows update on just now. And offcourse like always competition is good for every browser, also for Mozilla Firefox. And i understand too that Firefox isnt for everybody. I understand that someone is happy with IE alone. And i say let them be happy and unaware of how smooth one can ride the web. Its hundreds of details thats awkward, strange and downright stupid about IE right now. There’s offcourse users that dont care or dont now what they miss. Ignorance is bliss.

    ANd yeah, i too read the IE blogs. It’s always usuful to read what the competition plans. Many interesting things (i mean it) and some very comical; http://blogs.msdn.com/rssteam/archive/2005/10/08/478505.aspx

    Comments; http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2005/10/08/478583.aspx

    Let them come………………..but beware: From about:mozilla

    And so at last the beast fell and the unbelievers rejoiced.
    But all was not lost, for from the ash rose a great bird.
    The bird gazed down upon the unbelievers and cast fire
    and thunder upon them. For the beast had been
    reborn with its strength renewed, and the
    followers of Mammon cowered in horror.

    from The Book of Mozilla, 7:15

    Edit: copy paste still seems to be a bit off…….for some reasons…..