2005-10-07 Trunk builds

Trunk builds of Firefox use the version number 1.6a1, which prevents most existing extensions from working. You can work around this by setting app.extensions.version in about:config to 1.0+ or by using the "Make compatible" feature of the Nightly Tester Tools extension. Some extensions are actually incompatible, so be prepared to use -safe-mode if installing an extension this way breaks Firefox.

If you use a trunk build with your branch profile, your extensions will be disabled and you'll have to re-enable them if you return to the branch. If you want to use different profiles on the trunk and branch, you can make Firefox bring up the profile manager with "firefox.exe -P", and you can make Firefox use a specific profile with "firefox.exe -P profilename".

There have been hundreds of fixes since the previous Burning Edge trunk post. Here are some of the most exciting fixes that weren't listed in posts about branch checkins.


  • Fixed: 243078 - [Windows] Native Theme Rendering for Windows XP Menus, toolbars. (Firefox menus should now look correct under Win XP Luna, Classic, and other themes, instead of just Luna.)
  • Fixed: Update to cairo 1.1.1.
  • Fixed: Add support for displaying everything using cairo (not built by default yet) (read more).
  • Fixed: 141656 - Transparent image pixels print white instead of background color of parent element.
  • Fixed: 291060 - Table cells containing empty blocks have the wrong baseline.
  • Fixed: 27382 - OwnerDocument of orphan text and attr nodes is null.
  • Fixed: 283719 - "Add keyword for this Search..." can fail if a form uses a fieldset (example: bugzilla advanced query, "e.type is not defined").
  • Fixed (?): 196438 - Close tab button should not be on top of right-most tab at overflow.
  • Fixed: 291099 - Using keyboard to navigate through context menus of menu items (e.g. bookmarks) skips every other item.
  • Fixed: 258875 - Malicious web pages can steal local files, with borderline-normal user interaction, if they know the filename. The fix was to make the filename part of the file upload control read-only and force the use of a file picker dialog (like in Safari).
  • Fixed: 99224 - document.lastModified should be localized.
  • Fixed: 193316 - Caret, and thus focus, not visible in readonly text field.
  • Fixed: 268171 - Typeahead find handles but doesn't consume the keypress, confusing GTK and making menus open when they shouldn't.

Trunk regressions:

  • Since Oct 5: 311234 - Clicking 'Done' after customize toolbars exits Firefox.
  • Since Sept 22: 309521 - Plugin finder is broken.
  • Since Sept 22: 309706 - Stack overflow crash [@ jpinscp.dll + 0xaa87].

Trunk checkins between 2005-09-25 06:00 and 2005-10-07 06:00

Windows builds: Windows nightly, Windows hourly (discussion)

Linux builds: Linux nightly, Linux hourly

Mac builds: Mac nightly, Mac hourly

8 Responses to “2005-10-07 Trunk builds”

  1. Peter Hewitt Says:

    “Trunk builds of Firefox use the version number 1.6a1”

    1.9 surely?

  2. cowgaR Says:

    at least some fix in betas, after trying firefox all this years, today I am really happy with:

    document.lastModified should be localized (how could they live with it, it was partialy functioning on reload i think).
    close tab button should not be on top of right-most tab at overflow. (still don’t understand like THAT could broke)

    Still bugs and bugs and BUGS, yesterday, i draged a tab to right near close button to have 2 similar tabs at the end. The tab started reload and the WHOLE tab browsing froze. I could click anywhere but tabs, so I can’t switch tabs nor with keys…so I have to CTRL+T, then I could do something, and I should CLOSE empty tab till everything was ok. I did not report this bug…why, read.

    Looking at the fixes all this years (I tested hundred of releases and I use it FF from firebird0.4) i allways gonna see bugs like:

    Using keyboard to navigate through context menus of menu items (e.g. bookmarks) skips every other item.

    It is no reason to report bugs to coders who code all this years this ‘quality ‘ way.
    And it makes me think that I must be a real heretic to love this browser, and this extraordinary awfull codedesign and horribly bad programmers working on it. I hope that 2.0 branch with cairo will really be a BIG rewrite to get rid of this heritage with new gecko and new frontend.

    Sorry but that’s true, I am coder myself, and I know FF isn’t just browser but API etc, but most fixes listed here are still few what really goes in it on gecko and comp. It is really a mess of code, a mess. Otherwise I would not have my top 100 funny bug fix list a coder can write and 91 of them is from FF.


  3. cowgaR Says:

    ah, it was called Phoenix 0.4…my bad

  4. theefool Says:

    I believe I started earlier then Phoenix .4, I want to say I started around .2 or .3….Been to many years to remember.

  5. Tom Says:

    Windows Media Player no longer works inside Firefox… and when it closes, Firefox remains open. Anyone seen bugzilla IDs for these, or should i file one?

  6. michaell Says:

    ““Trunk builds of Firefox use the version number 1.6a1″
    “1.9 surely?”

    No, 1.6a1 is the Firefox version – 1.9a1 is the back-end/Gecko version. In the same way that branch builds are Firefox 1.4.1, but Gecko 1.8b5.

  7. The Burning Edge » Blog Archive » 2005-10-17 Trunk builds Says:

    […] There have been over a hundred of fixes since the previous Burning Edge trunk post. Here are some of the most exciting fixes that weren’t listed in posts about branch checkins. […]

  8. ANBO Motohiko Says:

    Please add Bug 311008. This adds very useful feature.

    Bug 311008 – Add standard install locations on filesystem for extensions