2005-08-30 Branch builds

New stuff:

  • Fixed: 305994 - Remove [Check Now...] button from Options > Advanced > Update.


  • Fixed: 301357 - Simplify context menu selection code.
  • Fixed: 305998 - Improve the new netError.dtd for Firefox 1.5 (package as override).

Fixes for regressions:

  • Fixed: 295404 - Restoring default toolbar set causes crash.
  • Fixed: 301283 - Toolbar customize gives js error after removing searchbar.
  • Fixed: 305129 - Scroll position incorrect after reload (with bfcache enabled).
  • Fixed: 305083 - When using ctrl+right-arrow on last word in a wrapping line, caret moves to end of line instead of to beginning of next line.
  • Fixed: 306164 - Global scope polluter is missing after document.write().
  • Fixed: 306208 - Tabbar is visible in popups (since Aug 27).

Fixes for security holes:

  • Fixed: 253951 - Security hole.
  • Fixed: 299518 - Security hole.
  • Fixed: 264610 - Domain Guessing: URL is not updated when guessing loads www.hostname.com.

Major regressions since Deer Park Alpha 2:

  • Since Aug 30: 306467 - Automatic proxy configuration URL doesn't work.

Gecko 1.8 branch checkins between 2005-08-29 06:00 and 2005-08-30 06:00

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2 Responses to “2005-08-30 Branch builds”

  1. Hank Roberts Says:

    Latest OSX branch nightly, for both 8/30 and 8/31 — the top menu bars (“Deer Park” File Edit View ..) don’t pull down, for me. No other change since the 8/29 nightly which was working.

    Of course I can’t check the Javascript console — hmmm, is there a command line for this thing somewhere??

  2. Hank Roberts Says:

    Guess that was OSX (10.3.9) going flaky; rebooting (using Xupport, since of course menus weren’t working) made the problem go away. Now no problems with Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv:1.8b4) Gecko/20050831 Firefox/1.0+