Returning soon

The Burning Edge will return soon. There have been many exciting changes since the last Burning Edge post four weeks ago.

The last few trunk builds have been barely intolerable due to a typo that caused Firefox to jump to the top of the page frequently. A patch was checked in a few hours ago, so the bug will be fixed in May 2 builds.

15 Responses to “Returning soon”

  1. pika unforgiven Says:

    hopefully they fixed the problems with most extensions being broken too. a few days ago i updated to the latest nightly and more than half of the extensions i use broke. i ended up having to uninstall all of the extensions, and recreated my profile since even after uninstalling the extensions firefox wasnt loading properly. been using 1.0.3 since then.

  2. Agagooga Says:

    Apr 18th is working pretty ok for me

  3. pika unforgiven Says:

    seems to me it was broken somewhere after the 20th of april or so then. i dont follow firefox development that extensively since im not a developer by any means, so i really dont know what would be causing it. i mostly use nightlies since i like living on the “bleeding edge” and the nightlies always have security holes plugged long before the general public versions (1.0.3) are fixed up. other than extensions breaking and occasional stability problems i always liked nightlies :(

  4. Richard Martin Says:

    Looking forward to your return … miss my daily bleeding edge …

    later, RIchard

  5. Dennis J. Says:

    The only extension that is really critical for me is the AdBlock one and I can’t get it to work in any recent build. My April 19th one works fine though.

  6. Florian Sievert Says:

    I agree to Richard. I am also missing something in my daily living and haven’t Update anything since 05.04. So take your time, but be sure that some people are looking forward ;)

  7. pika unforgiven Says:

    unfortunately both the adblock and forecastfox extensions are broken in nightlies, really a letdown since i use both of them extensively as well as the gmail notifier extension, which works every now and then in nightlies. i too miss frequent burning edge updates, i usually only updated firefox when the burning edge updated, so i knew exactly what i was getting into with nightlies without navigating the maze of bugzilla submissions.

  8. Agagooga Says:

    Peter(6) has good daily build summaries

  9. MB Says:

    THe 5/3 builds fixed extensions, but some of them have to be reinstalled… Themes still don’t work.

  10. Kevin Says:

    Yeah I was sorta annoyed for a while about the lack of a burning edge, but I dug deeper into the mozilla forums to see what was going on after downloading some nightly builds… and ugh… a lot of crap has surfaced with these newer builds. I’m on 4/22. It is still a bit buggy. I heard 4/19 is good. Anything after 4/22 has themes totally broken and extensions somewhat messed up.


  11. joh Says:

    Anyone having a pointer to older nightly builds? /pub/ on goes only back to April 22.

    I don’t know if anyone here is running Firefox on Mac OS X, but this is a really ugly combination. 1.03 has no support for middle-click. The nightlies have, but for quite a time the download manager was broken. Now it is working again, but without themes and most extensions Firefox is not that great at all.

  12. David B. Haun Says:

    Regression in 2005-05-04 trunk builds disables printing.

  13. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    joh, is what you’re looking for. It has builds that have fallen off of

  14. Mugros Says:

    I use the 4/30 build and noticed this jumping to the page top, but only when FF is loading a page. It didn’t annoy me much.
    Adblock also didnt’ install, but after disabling the other extensions it did. Right now Flash won’t install.
    But anyway, i will grab the latest trunk as soon as i receive the neighbors WLAN again ;)

  15. Jugalator Says:

    “Peter(6) has good daily build summaries

    Yes, those and I sometimes check here too:
    Latest Fixes:
    Known Regressions:—&order=bugs.votes%2C%20bugs.bug_id

    It’s from the links to the left on this page.