2005-04-05 Trunk builds

Fixed regressions:

  • Fixed regression: 285709 - Browser hang instead of displaying cookie allow/session/deny window (since Mar 11).
  • Fixed regression: 284357 - [Mac] Opening a link to a new tab doesn't show the URL in the location bar (with "Select new tabs opened from links" checked) (since Feb 28) (WFM).
  • Fixed regression: 272556 - about: is broken (since Aviary landing).
  • Fixed regression: 231361 - Download manager doesn't show downloaded filesize after 1MB if the filesize is "unknown" (since Aviary landing).
  • Fixed regression: 176177 - History, Bookmarks and Highlight buttons don't have a pressed state in WinXP Luna (missing from trunk).
  • Fixed regression: 284664 - Mouseout events lost moving mouse out of iframe (since Feb 24).

Fixed security holes (list may be incomplete):

  • Fixed: 285438 - Drag and drop gestures can be hijacked to load priviliged xul.
  • Fixed: 284627 - Arbitrary code execution via sidebar.
  • Fixed: 245829 - Download manager progress and title do not update correctly, wrong number of files and percentage after finishing or cancelling a download.
  • Fixed: 273498 - "Save Link As" Download Dialog Spoofing Vulnerability.
  • Fixed: 288688 - JS "lambda" replace exposes malloc heap space after end of JS string.

For extension authors:

  • Fixed: 282442 - Provide interface for configuring proxies. more info
  • Fixed: 286518 - Improve nsIStyleSheetService.

Other fixes:

  • Fixed: 253950 - When the default profile is locked on startup, UI needs to be less confusing.
  • Fixed: 275430 - Change default for "open links from other applications" to be "a new tab in the most recent window" instead of "the most recent tab/window". (?)
  • Fixed: 222364 - [Mac] Don't use sheet for the about box.
  • Fixed: 274553 - Blocking iframes either via an extension or userchrome.css breaks find toolbar search.
  • Fixed: 247884 - Upgrading doesn't remove / uninstall the old entry from Add Remove Programs - Windows.
  • Fixed: CSS3 outline property. (-moz-outline still works as an alias.)
  • Fixed: 38447 - Implement Handling of URI Values on CSS "cursor" Properties. (Web pages can now specify custom cursors.)
  • Fixed: 3247 - Counters in CSS-generated content.
  • Fixed: 56314 - Reverse selection colors when page background is similar to default selection background.
  • Fixed: 251751 - Firefox Help window should not be alwaysRaised.
  • Fixed: 284096 - Useless Cancel button in "View Saved Passwords".
  • Fixed: 238954 - [Mac] Support Command-. (Command-Period) keyboard shortcut for Stop on OS X.
  • Fixed: 282754 - Width:100% broken if parent block element has overflow:hidden.
  • Fixed: 207219 - Image Resize: Clicking to restore large size should center at clicked position.
  • Fixed: 285738 - Reload incorrectly disabled on certain pages.
  • Fixed: 222157 - View Source: Save as doesn't work (?).
  • Fixed: 285910 - Download manager leaks JS global object and JS observer implementation.
  • Fixed: 281545 - Tab cycle problems in Page Setup dialog.
  • Fixed: 286079 - Tabindex not working with XUL elements.
  • Fixed: 284929 - File -> Open Location nonfunctional when the Location Toolbar is hidden.
  • Fixed: 267227 - Be able to use Window (mac only) and Help (all) menus for every window (view source, bookmarks manager, etc.) with menus.
  • Fixed: 280725 - Use generic/automatic remoting in xremote.
  • Fixed: 189982 - Automatic image resizing: state of the image should be kept after resizing the browser window.
  • About 500 other bug fixes, including many leak fixes and screen-reader accessibility fixes.
  • Since Apr 5: 289211 - "Open a new window" (e.g. Ctrl+N) doesn't load the home page.
  • Since Mar 30: 288509 - Dragging favicon from location bar into bookmark menu creates double entry.
  • Since Feb 24: 284245 - Richedit/designMode not working anymore at blogger.com.
  • Since Feb 23: 285544 - Safe Mode doesn't work.
  • Since ~Jan 22: 279497 - Selected profile does not always appear focused.
  • Since ??: 273200 - Ctrl+W in Find bar breaks middle-clicking links, find toolbar, and back button.
  • Since Aviary landing: 273466 - Can't drag favicon from url bar into bookmark sidebar to create bookmark.
  • Since November on trunk: 269927 - Tooltip appears after closing tab.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer, Official Windows MSI (discussion), bangbang's, bluefyre's, pigfoot's

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer, hendikins' with SVG

Mac builds: Official Mac, powerbook's, MacGeneral's

30 Responses to “2005-04-05 Trunk builds”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Woohoo this site lives on!

  2. Switch-Case / Blog Archive / » Firefox nightlies are sufficiently cleaned up Says:

    […] of bugs that have made me hesitant to mess around with them. I subscribe to a blog called The Burning Edge that tracks which major bugs have been fixed in the la […]

  3. ANBO Motohiko Says:

    Thanks, Jesee. Great work!

    > Since Feb 24: 284664 – Mouseout events lost moving mouse out of iframe.
    This bug is fixed, isn’t it?

    And IMHO, Bug 273466 has enough value to be listed in regression list.

  4. David Naylor Says:

    Mee too is being very happy to see another post from thee.

  5. Nick Fagerlund Says:

    Yah, and not only that, but the post itself is a sight for sore eyes. (*click* *upgrade*)

  6. Nick Thomas Says:

    The “Aviary branch landing (again? more?) on 2005-03-23” entry can be removed, bonsai got confused when some files were moved in the CVS repository. See bug 222157 for details.

  7. Neil T. Says:

    Has https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=288688 been fixed on the trunk? I can’t get Secunia’s vunerability test to do anything in 20050402.

  8. giandrea Says:

    This build crashes constantly on Mac OS X. It is unusable. Just for the sake of information… :)
    Waiting for the next one, and I hope it won’t take as long as this time. :)

  9. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Has https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=288688 been fixed on the trunk? I can’t get Secunia’s vunerability test to do anything in 20050402.

    Comment 11 from in the bug, on April 1, says “fixed on trunk” in addition to several branches.

  10. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Sorry for all the errors and omissions. That’s what happens when I try to do an entire 3-week Burning Edge post in only two hours.

    [Bug 284664] is fixed, isn’t it?

    Thanks. Changed.

    And IMHO, Bug 273466 has enough value to be listed in regression list.

    I agree. Added. I missed it because it had the aviary-landing keyword instead of the regression keyword.

    The “Aviary branch landing (again? more?) on 2005-03-23″ entry can be removed, bonsai got confused when some files were moved in the CVS repository. See bug 222157 for details.

    Thanks. Removed. What comments in that bug should I read to understand what happened?

    Has https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=288688 been fixed on the trunk? I can’t get Secunia’s vunerability test to do anything in 20050402.


    I also added 289211 to the regressions list.

  11. P Says:

    Wow. 3247 is fascinating to read through. Well, okay, I have an unhealthy fascination with this kind of stuff.

  12. teedoff087 Says:

    This build crashes for me when trying to access the Tools>>Options menu. Anyone else experiencing this?

  13. alanjstr Says:

    Glad to see this site going again! Now I might consider using the trunk builds.

  14. berkut Says:

    Is anyone else getting no scrollbars? tried clean profile too..

  15. Jan! Says:

    Berkut, the scrollbar issue has been fixed in the latest nightlies.

  16. Kroc Camen Says:

    Wow, what a choka release, Cursor URL’s *and* CSS-content attribute! I’m hoping that 1.1 will also support embedded fonts, I have a genuine use for such functionality and it annoys me that despite standards-compliance, a website I’ve been working on still won’t work right in Firefox :*(

  17. Steffen Says:

    Bug 222157 was about fixing Save As in View Source. It was already working after the aviary landing happened, because that introduced a band-aid, which was only intended for the branch, on the trunk.

    That band-aid made toolkit’s view source depend on browser’s contentAreaUtils.js. But that’s evil since toolkit shouldn’t depend on browser. The real fix was to move contentAreaUtils.js to toolkit. See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=222157#c108.

    What happened to the cvs log (bonsai) is this: Chase moved the file in the cvs repository, but he adjusted the times the earlier revisions of that file were created. See http://bonsai.mozilla.org/cvslog.cgi?file=mozilla/toolkit/content/contentAreaUtils.js. Most of the checkins happened around 2005-03-23 13:36. So if you check out a tree by date, you don’t recieve the file twice, once in the old and once in the new location.

  18. Defenestration Says:

    After 2005-03-31 nightly, a couple of bugs related to TBE appeared, which are still present in the latest nightly:

    1) Clicking on the Options button on the Extensions dialog, when the TBE entry is highlighted sometimes causes FF to crash, and sometimes it hangs. Accessing the TBE options/prefs dialog from the TBE Tabs menu works OK.

    2) Clicking on a link in Outlook Express/Thunderbird when FF is already open causes a new tab to be opened (with “Loading…” in the tab), but nothing happens. FF is effectively hung, and you have to restart FF to get functionality back.

  19. Grador Says:

    Problem with download manager. I have set it to ask me for every file where to download, but it still downloads everything to desktop without asking

  20. Hank Roberts Says:

    This one’s working fine under OSX 10.3.9, Powerbook G3:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv:1.7.8) Gecko/20050416 Firefox/1.0.4

    (from today’s Tinderbox Aviary 1.0.1 folder)

  21. Frank Says:

    Is anyone using this site anymore?

    It seems terribly out of date

  22. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Things change over time … Jesse’s studies take him much more time. He cannot update a site of this quality as regularly as before, unfortunately for us.

  23. Kevin Says:

    Is there a similar site to this where we can see the updated bugs and download updated builds? One that updates more frequently?


  24. Victor Antolini Says:

    AFAIK, This site is the only one. You can check out the links in the Sources part on the left, you’ll see a lot of interesting stuff.

  25. jm.one Says:

    once upon a time this site was updated frequently. Daily I`d say. MAybe the real life including work has demanded more time? Anyway yoou can alllways check the tinderboxen (that?S what I`Ve done back in those Moz-App.Suite days, (even in those 0.X times of the suite) There wasn`t a burning edge or similar in those days.

  26. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    There’s also the “Forum for official builds” link at the left. Posters of “The Official Win32 yyyymmdd [Trunk] build is not yet out.” topic are well informed and quick at detecting the new bugs. Peter(6) (Peter Van der Woude) does a great job of keeping an up-to-date bug list and maintaining and moderating the topic.

  27. Defenestration Says:

    Hooray! I can finally go back to using the nightly builds since all previous problems I was having have now been fixed with the latest BEAST trunk build. Changes will make it into 2005-04-29 nightly. Definitely time for an update to The Burning Edge

  28. Max Thrane's Cyberspace Says:

    Updating Firefox to 1.0.4

    Whoa dude… This update took me like +1 hour or so…

    First of all I went to “The Burning Edge” (which wasn’t updated for quite a while now, pretty sad) and got my hands on latest bangbang’s release. Firefox wouldn&#82…

  29. arash Says:

    There seems to be an issue in the latest build in handling marquees:


    Note the huge horizontal scroll that appears on this site. This site displays perfectly in firefox 1.0.3 and IE 6.

  30. arash Says:

    It is kind of fixed now… except until the page fully loads it’s still horizontally scrollable, then it corrects itself. Firefox 1.0.3 or IE don’t have this problem on http://www.bv229.k12.ks.us/bvnwss/