2004-12-09 Trunk builds

  • Fixed: 273498 - Security hole.
  • Fixed: 273657 - Copying HTML from textbox/textarea strips tags (since Dec 7).
  • Fixed: 271702 - Autoscroll image appears in wrong place (since Aviary landing).
  • Fixed: 272678 - Options > Web Features exception lists appear empty (since Aviary landing).
  • Fixed: 172962 - Options for where to open URLs from other applications (was missing from trunk).
  • Fixed: Other "single window mode"-related features were ported from the branch.
  • Fixed: 237977 - Infinite javascript loop could not stopped.
  • Fixed: 273324 - Hang on unclosed comments in standards mode.
  • Fixed: 273597 - Missing AccessibleMarshal.dll in Firefox install on Windows.
  • Since Aviary landing: 272566 - Page Info security tab missing.
  • Since Aviary landing: 272556 - about: is broken.
  • Since Aviary landing: 272982 - Installer build: Browser fails to launch.
  • Since Aviary landing: 272985 - Installer build: Migration buttons don't function and are missing their text.
  • Since Aviary landing: 273423 - Can't install themes. (Installing extensions works.)
  • Since Aviary landing: 273466 - Can't drag favicon from url bar into bookmark sidebar to create bookmark.
  • Missing from trunk: 244125 - Plugin finder service.
  • Missing from trunk: 264787 - [Mac] Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab Next/Previous Tab Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Missing from trunk: 176177 - History, Bookmarks and Highlight buttons don't have a pressed state in WinXP Luna.
  • Since November on trunk: 269927 - All-black tooltip appears after closing tab.
  • Since September on trunk: 260951 - Go menu doesn't display recent page history until second opening.
  • Since August on trunk: 255855 - The dialog that opens when clicking a link to an .exe file has no radio button selected by default. This leads to a useless download.

Windows builds: Official Windows (discussion), bangbang's, bluefyre's

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer

Mac builds: Official Mac (about eight hours early and larger than usual), powerbook's

9 Responses to “2004-12-09 Trunk builds”

  1. Jeff Walden Says:

    Bug 172962 is in the fixed list (but not listed by number) and the broken list. Am I correct in assuming it’s just a mistake?

  2. Brian Swoger Says:

    Firefox 1.0 launches Outlook Express for mail client from web site ‘contact button’, instead of my default mail client on my computer (Netscape 7.2 mail client). When I go to the excat same web site with Netscape 7.2, ‘contact button’ launches Netscape 7.2 mail client.

  3. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Thanks Jeff. The bug isn’t marked as fixed, but it works for me in this build. I removed it from the broken list.

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Brian, that sounds like a bug in Netscape 7.2, where it doesn’t actually set itself as the default mail client.

  5. Jugalator Says:

    Oh god… :-S

    Well, scat and piss doesn’t interest me much.

    That must be among the most horrible ways to *attract* people. Jeez… We’re living in a sick world if those terms is causing noticeable amounts of people to click their links.

    Anyway, back on topic and why I was going to post…

    I wonder if we’ll see a Firefox 1.0.1 soon with that security fix? Anyone know if it was major?

  6. Jan! Says:

    Looking at the CVS checkins, it appears it has something to do with the “Save” dialog and (I think) the “file filter list” in there.

  7. Hank Roberts Says:

    So — is the OSX build ready, yet, for testing by non-programmers who can emulate new users?

    I gather not quite yet — but I’m guessing the wave of young smart people going home for the holidays will be installing Firefox for their parents fairly soon. So we English and Biology majors ought to test out stumbling through the new builds, if we’re going to be any use to y’all who know how to make them work, before the holiday week.

  8. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Testing can begin again : https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=272982 is fixed !
    See the informative post from Waldo at http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?&p=1064996#1064996 . (Such a great thing when well-informed people devote a bit of their time explaining things like that for others BTW.)

  9. Hank Roberts Says:

    Waldo’s appears a go-ahead for the Windows build (and that link is to the Windows nightly forum); waiting on similar info about official OSX (since I use a G3 and the unofficial builds are currently for the G4 and G5 chips, so my testing those would not be much help to the official process).