2004-12-07 Trunk builds

  • Fixed: 273017 - Cannot click to open history items (Since Aviary landing) (actually fixed in 2004-12-05 or earlier).
  • Fixed: 271766 - Accel+D shouldn't remove bookmark (bookmarks manager).
  • Fixed: 271974 - Scrollbars should look disabled when there's nowhere to scroll.
  • Fixed: 273417 - Make toolkit code use the app id, app version, app buildid from nsXULAppAPI instead of requiring prefs.
  • Fixed: 273182 - Appversion, appname and platform overrides should not apply to chrome. (I don't think this fixes bug 83376.)
  • Fixed: 261934 - Network.standard-url.encode.utf8 pref is ignored.
  • Fixed: 175568 - Shift+F10 popup/contextual menu may appear off-screen (in wrong position - always down of item).
  • Fixed: 271692 - [Mac] Autocomplete entries can't be deleted with shift+delete, must use shift+del.
  • Fixed: 264145 - [Mac] Disable Control+F4 (Close Tab keyboard shortcut).
  • Fixed: 233712 - [Mac] No drag-and-drop for dock icon (Other than html).
  • Since Dec 7: 273657 - Copying HTML from textbox/textarea strips tags.
  • Since Aviary landing: 271702 - Autoscroll image appears in wrong place.
  • Since Aviary landing: 272678 - Options > Web Features exception lists appear empty.
  • Since Aviary landing: 272566 - Page Info security tab missing.
  • Since Aviary landing: 272556 - about: is broken.
  • Since Aviary landing: 272982 - Installer build: Browser fails to launch.
  • Since Aviary landing: 272985 - Installer build: Migration buttons don't function and are missing their text.
  • Since Aviary landing: 273423 - Can't install themes. (Installing extensions works.)
  • Since Aviary landing: 273466 - Can't drag favicon from url bar into bookmark sidebar to create bookmark.
  • Missing from trunk: 172962 - Options for where to open URLs from other applications.
  • Missing from trunk: 244125 - Plugin finder service.
  • Missing from trunk: 264787 - [Mac] Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab Next/Previous Tab Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Missing from trunk: 176177 - History, Bookmarks and Highlight buttons don't have a pressed state in WinXP Luna.
  • Since November on trunk: 269927 - All-black tooltip appears after closing tab.
  • Since September on trunk: 260951 - Go menu doesn't display recent page history until second opening.
  • Since August on trunk: 255855 - The dialog that opens when clicking a link to an .exe file has no radio button selected by default. This leads to a useless download.

Windows builds: Official Windows (discussion), bangbang's, bluefyre's

Linux builds: No official Linux builds.

Mac builds: No official Mac build, powerbook's

One Response to “2004-12-07 Trunk builds”

  1. Robert Says:

    it seems like they’re doing a good job merging the branch and trunk..not long now until I am switching over from 1.0