Firefox 1.0 Released

There have been no changes since the previous Burning Edge post (2004-11-07 branch builds). Firefox 1.0 is the same file as that build, at least for the Windows English zip build (I checked using md5sum).

There is one surprise: Firefox's default home page now redirects to a co-branded version of the Google homepage. Mitchell explains:

In keeping with our emphasis on the end-user, we have redesigned the Firefox startpage. We wanted a startpage that reflected the Mozilla project and provided a good access point to the web. Given the importance of search, we decided to add search functionality to the start page itself. Google has long been recognized as a leader in search experience and so we chose Google.

All builds and source

Release notes, Unofficial changelog

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12 Responses to “Firefox 1.0 Released”

  1. vfwlkr Says:

    Google Firefox!

  2. Irmen de Jong Says:

    Come on, all, sing the Happy Happy Joy Joy song!
    Happy Happy Joy Joy
    Happy Happy Joy Joy
    Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy

  3. William Bowers Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaay! Firefox EVERYWHERE! This is a very happy day :) IE who?

  4. Greg K Nicholson Says:

    Maybe now would be a good time to give Google the standards-compliance kick up the arse it so richly deserves.

  5. Cassian Cox Says:

    Very disappointing to see that start page, which doesn’t show anything relevant, such as a prominent link to or the like.

    And yeah, looks kinda bad to have the browser of standards compliance start up with a non-compliant default home.

  6. aent Says:

    One of the tips state: There are over 100 themes and extensions available at to make Firefox even better.

  7. Dr. Strangelove Says:

    This just sucks. Same dumb bullshit like IE: I hate when they try to guess what features & setting I need, and all the others are hidden.

    And you cannot kill “search with” & Google. Do they call this privacy? IE talks back to MS, this feature does nearly the same to Google.

    I suggest fucking the whole web as there are no normal browsers out on the market.

  8. gold_digger Says:

    whatever happened to the tooltip ALT tag add-on?
    the web is LOADED with ALT tags and firefox 1.0 is stubbornly only showing TITLE tags!!!

  9. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    First, it’s “alt text” or “alt attributes”, not “alt tags”. Second, it’s misleading to use “the web is LOADED with ALT text” as an argument for displaying ALT text as tooltips, because the majority of ALT text is not intended to be displayed as tooltips.

  10. Olzak Says:

    In spite of the fact that Firefox’s forthcoming name will be “Google Browser” it is Great Browser. Best browser after The Opera.

  11. Rirath Says:

    >First, it’s “alt text” or “alt attributes”, not “alt tags”.

    Close enough. Alt is a ‘tag’ like any other. And the extension is still out there, I happily use it. Firefox is about taking back the web, as we see fit.

  12. Rirath Says:

    Another method: From the extension page, here’s a direct method:

    You can alter your comm.jar file (specifically the browser.js file inside the comm.jar file) to display ALT tags. In fact, you can have TITLE tags over-ride ALTs if both exist. It’s really quite easy. The comm.jar file can be opened with winzip. Remember to use “folder structure” when re-zipping.

    Just alter your comm.jar file –>browser.js file specifically: go to the FillInHTMLTooltip function, and change it to:
    titleText = tipElement.getAttribute(“title”);
    if (!titleText){
    titleText = tipElement.getAttribute(“alt”);
    XLinkTitleText = tipElement.getAttributeNS(XLinkNS, “title”);

    This will allow for TITLE tags to override the ALTs

    – Zach