2004-11-07 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 252679 - Add EULA for Firefox.
  • Fixed: Another round of icon updates.
  • Fixed: 262688 - Bump version numbers to 1.0.
  • Fixed: 267122 - Security hole.
  • Fixed: 245770 - Backslash rendered as yen in japanese locale.
  • Fixed: 267352 - Printing doesn't print form inputs.
  • Fixed: 267854 - Parser data listeners don't get all the data in all cases.
  • Fixed: 267648 - Upgraded from PR to RC2 through Sw update, lost "Help Content" and "For Internet Explorer Users" links.
  • Fixed: 266511 - Import Wizard doesn't show what items were imported.
  • Fixed: 180628 - Page setup dialog takes RTL where it shouldn't.
  • Fixed: 253008 - Set network.proxy.share_proxy_settings if IE has a single proxy set up.
  • Fixed: 267723 - ViewSource doesn't scroll to the selected line when opened from JS Console links; ViewSource->Edit->Go to Line broken as well; works in 1.0PR.
  • Fixed: 267738 - Java plugin place-holder does not find Java plugin, plugin information bar works.
  • Fixed: 266857 - Cannot print more than once with a printer with non-Latin1 (e.g. Japanese) characters in its name.
  • Fixed: 255196 - DDE: Request WWW_OpenURL send to Mozilla web page address without last character of address.
  • Fixed: 256111 - Customize toolbar bottom items are partly covered by horizontal scrollbar if size is not wide enough.
  • Fixed: 266822 - Crash if right-clicking on a text box, wait for text box to go away, press escape [@ nsMenuListener::KeyPress]; affects find bar in Firefox.
  • Fixed: 267797 - Crash with gmail.com.
  • Fixed: 267249 - Crash when clicking on link in pop-up window.
  • Fixed: 267804 - Crash blocking iframes with AdBlock extension.
  • Fixed: 267919 - Crash if Adobe SVG plugin is not installed.
  • Fixed: 236343 - [Mac] Full screen mode shows Windows-like minimize/maximize/close buttons.
  • Fixed: 205974 - [Mac] Missing PrintPDE.plugin: can't print background colors, selection or frames.
  • Fixed: Add to credits: Jeff Walden, Luke Stone, Mitchell Baker, Chris Beard.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang's O2 G7 SSE2

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer, daihard's SSE2

Mac builds: Official Mac, powerbook's G4-optimized, theNonsuch's G5-optimized

9 Responses to “2004-11-07 Branch builds”

  1. Shetil Says:

    I stumble across a small bug in this version. Had a long list of themes install and some of them couldn’t be used with this version of Firefox. When I uninstalled incompatible themes the order of themes got mixed up. So Winstripe wasn’t at the top any longer.

    Anyone else seeing this? Should I report this?

  2. Craig Says:

    When I used nightlies from before the extension change (mid-October), links that had “target=_blank” would open up in tabs in the background. Now they open in new windows. I swear there is an option missing that said “open links to new windows in new tabs” or something similar.

  3. Mike Says:

    Craig, go to about:config and look for this pref: browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs

    Set it to “true”, close and reopen Firefox, and check under Options, Advanced. They disabled the UI by default because there were some bugs with single window mode that couldn’t be fixed in time for the 1.0 release.

  4. Matt Brubeck Says:

    Craig: See this page for information on re-enabling the new window options:


  5. Noa Says:

    What theme updates?

  6. curious Says:

    Of the security bugs listed on the curren page of burning edge.. 7 of them are still access denied ;)

  7. Craig Says:

    Thanks, Mike and Matt.

  8. None Says:

    So is this true?
    This is the build pointed to

    Is this really 1.0 final? Or is there going to be another final build from today?

    November 07, 2004
    Firefox goes gold!

    As seen on bugzilla. Today’s builds should be final.

    — Additional Comment #4 From Steffen Wilberg 2004-11-06 17:12 PDT [reply] —

    Ben just said on IRC: “we’re gold, sorry.”

  9. Jugalator Says:

    Sorry for what? :-o