2004-10-17 Branch builds

Find-related fixes:

  • Fixed: Find is per-tab instead of per window.
  • Fixed: 250279 - View Source doesn't use Find Toolbar / Since Find Toolbar was implemented, Find as you type is broken in "Page Source" window.
  • Fixed: 250414 - Find toolbar fails to un-highlight matching text in user-input fields.
  • Fixed: 251073 - Find as you type doesn't support "Link only mode" default start option (hidden pref accessibility.typeaheadfind.linksonly).
  • Fixed: 256656 - Find toolbar still says "Phrase not found" when starting a new find.
  • Fixed: 260887 - Topcrash: using fastfind with multiple tabs [@ nsTypeAheadFind::GetSelection].
  • Fixed: 260003 - Pressing RETURN in empty search field should not print "Phrase not found".
  • Fixed: 261722 - Find as you type should not activate on gmail keyboard shortcuts.

Other fixes:

  • Fixed: 262688 - Update theme/extension version to 1.0. Extensions that have not been updated to say they work with 1.0 will not work in this build.
  • Fixed: 225281 - Checkbox label background problem on the "Install Complete" page.
  • Fixed: 251910 - Style bookmark and history sidebar items as links.
  • Fixed: 263844 - window.close() not working on new windows opened into tabs.
  • Fixed: 263956 - [Linux] Filepicker dialog opens into new tab.
  • Fixed: 263567 - Upgrade to NSS 3.9.3 on the aviary 1.0 branch.
  • Fixed: Updated Secure icon
  • Fixed: 264571 - New bookmark items created above currently selected item, instead of below.
  • Fixed: 263960 - Popup blocker fails to stop synthetic click popup in single window mode.
  • Fixed: 227361 - Don't do resize reflows for view managers that aren't visible. (Improve window resizing and find toolbar performance when multiple tabs are open.)
  • Fixed: 232550 - Toolbar buttons should have a minimum width.
  • Fixed: 259120 - Default option should be "no, dont visit" on username/PW URLs.
  • Fixed: 255120 - [Win9x] Crash if a textbox/textarea has a value of 32769 bytes in length or greater.

This build has a lot of regressions. I recommend waiting for tomorrow's build, which will have most of them fixed.

  • Since Oct 17: 264789 - [Mac] Find toolbar appearance is broken.
  • Since Oct 16: 264683 - Leaving a page with missing plugin or popup blocked notification bar, or using Find to follow a link, causes a crash.
  • Since ~Oct 16: 264786 - Un-highlight doesn't work anymore on some sites.
  • Since ~Oct 15: 264841 - / gives focus to find bar.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang's, moox's, djeter's

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer

Mac builds: Official Mac

11 Responses to “2004-10-17 Branch builds”

  1. José Jeria Says:

    I noticed another regression, in the bookmark sidebar the bookmarks are blue and underlined. Have not looked in bugzilla if it has been reported.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Jose: That’s intentional. “Fixed: 251910 – Style bookmark and history sidebar items as links.”

  3. José Jeria Says:


  4. James Kilfiger Says:

    251891 isn’t really fixed. It has been duped against 259454, which is “new”.

  5. Hank Roberts Says:

    Ah, this
    > This (Sunday) build has a lot of regressions.
    > I recommend waiting for tomorrow’s build…

    was very good advice. I didn’t see it ’til MOnday, after I downloaded and used the Sunday 17th build, and yes, indeed — lots of crashes. Talkback reported some of them.

    Here’s hoping Monday’s is better.

  6. Marcus Grando Says:

    This branch have a bug when page contains flash. Many crashes occurs.

    In 2004-10-14 has ok.

  7. Jugalator Says:


    You may be happier with the 2004-10-18 build then. :-)

    “BRANCH:#251989 Feedback missing on current highlighted text & cued search when findbar is opened [Win] – BACKED OUT”

  8. Anonymous Says:


    Could anyone please report this bug:

    When you “force links that open in new window” enabled as “new tab” in the advanced options, if the page contains a pop-up, the window is resized to the size of the pop-up window.

  9. Terpfen Says:

    Has the bug where multiple tabs share the same page loading status text in the status bar been fixed yet?

  10. Terpfen Says:

    Has the bug where multiple tabs share the same page loading status text in the status bar been fixed yet?

  11. Hank Roberts Says:

    So, it’s 8pm on the 18th here on the Left Coast — how’s the build for today been treating people?

    I gave up on the 17th, returned to the 16th, figuring several crashes using the build of the 17th were sufficient as my contribution of Talkback info.