2004-10-15 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 258592 - Popup blocked notification reappears after switching tabs.
  • Fixed: 262727 - Manually downloading shockwave player results in a broken download dialog.
  • Fixed: 264385 - Error when deleting and then adding folder or bookmark on bookmarks toolbar.
  • Fixed: 249855 - QuickTime/Flash plugin not scriptable after Firefox re-installation (missing xpt files).
  • Fixed: 177507 - When Toolbar is in text mode the bookmarks toolbar loses the "spill over" chevron icon.
  • Fixed: [Windows] A bunch of small changes to Winstripe (the default theme).
  • Fixed: 180309 - [Linux] XFT crash while loading page with MS .fon font.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang's, moox's

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer, matlhDam's, baafie's

Mac builds: Official Mac

7 Responses to “2004-10-15 Branch builds”

  1. Bazzik Says:

    Hi guys!

    Sorry for my English in advance, but …

    Does anyone of you have this problem that I do?
    http://www.miranda-im.org/ — loads fine
    http://www.miranda-im.org/about/ — loads fine (all styles & images) … BUT then images start reloading and all styles are gone — page looks like plain text version. At the same time IE or Maxthon displays page correctly…

    After checking the sources of few such pages (www.mail.ru, http://www.free-codecs.com ) I have found that problem lies somewhere with tag — instead of http://www.miranda-im.org/style.css firefox is trying to download http://www.miranda-im.org/about/style.css

    I have made some checks on my personal website I have found the same problem — Firefox have problems with processing tag.

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.3) Gecko/20041015 Firefox/0.10.1 (MOOX M2)
    Windowx XP ENG SP1

  2. Bazzik Says:

    Ups… text was cleaned up a bit

    by “tag” I meant “BASE” tag


  3. Hank Roberts Says:

    Saturday 16th build, for OSX at least, is 1.0RC, and it breaks all my extensions except AdBlock:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv:1.7.3) Gecko/20041016 Firefox/1.0

    Not that I’m complaining, mind you; I’m delighted that AdBlock didn’t break. Oh, I remember, it’s been tweaked to be good through version 5.0 — no wonder!

  4. Hank Roberts Says:

    With today’s 10.RC, for OSX, would someone tell me if there’s a bug to report in this observation? For about a week the animations at the top of boingboing.net and others have been broken, but I just found a site on which animations work. I don’t know what the difference is, nor am I sure if it matters to report it for the RC — but here they are. Perhaps it’s only the OSX 1.0 build?

    Hasn’t worked for a week:
    the image file seems to be

    the image file seems to be

  5. Chris Vance Says:

    (Reposting post after I got a strange 404 page after previewing the post.)

    Hank, I see the same thing with the two animations. The BoingBoing animation loaded the first time I went to the page. When I reloaded or revisited the page, the animation did not play. This happened with both Firefox and Mozilla.

    If I Shift-Reload the image, the animation is shown. This doesn’t happen when I simply reload, when the animation does not show.

    It seems like the animation is not shown if the GIF has been cached?

  6. Hank Roberts Says:

    Not exactly the same thing I’m seeing with FF for OSX (problem appears only with ‘thousands of colors’ but not with ‘millions of colors’ set for the display, I just figured out)

    — what I see is two partial copies of the animated figure side by side, each made up of a lot of horizontal lines with spaces between them. Both copies move up and down.

    Other similar sites also seem to have GIFs that show as a lot of horizontal lines. Again, that’s with FF OSX, ‘thousands of colors’ only.

    With millions of colors, everything works fine.

  7. Steve Rubel Says:

    My Furl RSS feed doesn’t work anymore as a livemark in this build. Anyone else have Furl isssues?