2004-10-09 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 254040 - Incorrect address in address bar after using keyword (I'm Feeling Lucky) feature (since ~July 23).
  • Fixed: 252306 - New popup notifier causes infinite reload loop on sites that reload on resize.
  • Fixed: 252599 - 'Add a Keyword for this Search' doesn't save all form elements (checkbox, radio button).
  • Fixed: 262065 - Temporarily disable alternate stylesheet statusbar icon until 83663 fixed.
  • Fixed: 259717 - Amazon search plugin uses kurona-20 instead of mozilla-20 as affiliate code.
  • Fixed: 261991 - Re-order search plug-in list.
  • Fixed: 258189 - Use new icons for Yahoo and eBay search.
  • Fixed: 263019 - Get more info link should pass in system info and non-installed mimetypes.
  • Fixed: 262807 - Updates button doesn't appear if using an old profile and having customized toolbars.
  • Fixed: 262544 - Firefox should indicate if a restart is required after installing an update.
  • Fixed: 262953 - Installer Option to reset homepage.
  • Fixed: 247603 - Removing address bar breaks stuff.
  • Fixed: 262537 - Tabs opened from left click and from external applications should always open in foreground.
  • Fixed: 263060 - Ensure that editor is initialized properly before performing selection operations (regression that affected some bookmarklets since Oct 5).
  • Fixed: 207781 - Topcrash: Crash if I scroll the page while keeping the cursor on the link.
  • Fixed: 245722 - Topcrash: Crash on start after importing passwords.
  • Fixed: 240490 - Topcrash: Crash printing XUL pages. (The fix was to disable printing XUL pages.)
  • Fixed: 256635 - [Linux] N-th tab shortcuts should use Alt-1 to Alt-9 rather than Ctrl-1 to Ctrl-9.
  • Fixed: 248419 - [Linux] Yellow background in location bar for secure site indication does not show.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang's

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer

Mac builds: Official Mac

7 Responses to “2004-10-09 Branch builds”

  1. Anthony Says:

    It looks like now you cannot remove or move the Updates button from the top right corner. Even when I manage to move it by moving other objects around it, it goes back to that spot – very annoying!!! Hope this can be fixed soon…

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Anthony, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=263606

  3. MonsterTruck Says:

    With the Qute theme the update icon is missing, anyone know how to fix it? :/

  4. Mike Says:

    MonsterTruck: as far as I know, the missing updates icon is a bug in the Qute theme. If you happen to have the .jar of 2.1.2, you can extract the necessary files and code from there (A .jar is nothing more than a renamed .zip) and splice it into 2.1.3. I made this fix (and a number of others) with my copy, but I promised Arvid that I wouldn’t distribute it. If you’re not comfortable mucking around with theme internals, I suggest waiting for the next official release of the theme.

  5. C. Coimbra Says:

    Q: Is the Official Windows Installer fully working?

    Earlier there were mentions of probs re. Feedback, f.i., but I don’t recall ever seeing a positive mention that it had been repaired…
    I’d like to get somebody to install FF, but he’d better use the installer…

  6. Ray Says:

    My PRV crashes every time when using encryption secured addresses. It has also crashed when selecting print option for secured address web pages.

    Has this or is this being addressed? I like the FOX but he has to be reliable and right now he’s not!!!!

  7. Paul Says:

    Jesse, it seems that bug 263606 refers only to the following errors with the update button:

    “The update notification icon is always visible and always green, whether or not
    updates are available, and shows no tooltips.”

    The fact that it can’t be moved isn’t noted in the bug, but, in bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=258677 , Asa Dotzler notes:

    “We should get this figured out for 1.0. I think that the
    plan is to not allow customization (removal or movement) of this button at all.”