2004-10-05 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 242036 - Setting window.status is ridiculously slow.
  • Fixed: 256218 - Add go button to default toolbar.
  • Fixed: 241625 - "Open in tabs" doesn't focus content area in first tab.
  • Fixed: 260591 - Bookmarks.html not created if it does not exist in profile, bookmarks fail to save.
  • Fixed: 259039 - Import bookmarks wizard doesn't display open file dialog (closes after choosing "from file").
  • Fixed: 258787 - Personal Toolbar: Not all context menu items are available when right clicking.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang's, moox's

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer, sri's, matlhDam's

Mac builds: Official Mac

19 Responses to “2004-10-05 Branch builds”

  1. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Wonderful. Looks like we’re not far from a release candidate.

  2. anonymous Says:

    there was no need for go button to be default. It just makes it more like ie

  3. Logan Says:

    Stop contradicting yourself, anonymous.
    Making newbies feel more comfortable in Firefox is a primary goal for 1.0. Ten million downloads in six months is a difficult goal if we don’t take non-techies into account.

  4. clynx Says:

    I’ve some Memory Problems with this Version … Anyone else such Issues?

    May it be that here problems came from a new Skin i’ve installed?

  5. Brian Duff Says:

    Did the Firefox team gather empirical evidence that suggested people find it easier to discover how to go to a URL with a go button? Or did they just copy Internet Explorer?

  6. Simplex Says:

    “We’re not going to have time to do import of users’ toolbar config with our
    auto-migration wizard so the next best thing is to make an educated guess. For
    windows this means adding the Go button. That should get the overwhelming
    majority of migrating users one step closer to their expected configuration.”

  7. José Jeria Says:

    I dont understand all the fuss about the go button, if you dont like it, remove it.

  8. C. Coimbra Says:

    I have no mem problems with this version (used .zip to install).

    Re. Go Button: Yes, it’s dumb.
    Let’s face it: A complete newbie will NOT install Firefox and won’t even know it exists. Don’t expect somebody who brought his first PC home to do anything other than using 20% of what came installed.

    The user one is attracting knows enough to type a URL and press Enter! No need to clutter up the toolbar.

  9. Mike Says:

    I don’t understand all the fuss about the Go button. It’s not as if you’re forced to use the default layout. Are y’all forgetting that Firefox has customizable toolbars? If you don’t like it, change it! Besides, chances are you’ve already gotten the toolbars set up just the way you like them, and this change isn’t going to affect your precious preferred layout. I’ve had the same non-default toolbar layout since 0.5. Works great for me, but I don’t make any claims that it’s good for others.

    Saying a complete newbie would not bother with Firefox smacks with cynicism. Granted many would likely stick with IE even after bombardment with malware, but some will see the light (by our intervention or otherwise) and will switch to Firefox. If something as silly as a Go button will ease that transition, I’m all for it. And I can’t say it enough–if you don’t like it, change it.

  10. amake Says:

    No newbie would use Firefox? How about all the newbies us nerds FORCE to use Firefox, like our parents and other less-informed friends and relatives?

  11. Aaron Says:

    I’m not much into programming, and I don’t know the right place to post this… I think it’d be neat if, in Firefox, you could hold control down and right click on a link that opens up a new window via JavaScript, and it opens up instead as a tab. Right now this only works for regular html links.

    Grace and peace,


  12. chaos945 Says:

    I’d like to see a “search button” too, there is a plugin to do it but I’d like to see it built in. :P

  13. C. Coimbra Says:

    Really important, though, is the fact that this build is downloading RRS Livebkmks every 15 seconds!!! I started a topic on this in the Features forum.

    I was previously running the Oct.1 Branch nightly, so I loaded it up and it simply loads the RSS a bit after the browser starts up, and that’s that. NO further auto updates (and certainly not EVERY 15 seconds). It waits for the user to POINT to a Livebkmk and that’s the way it should be, else it can consume the bandwidth for no wise purpose.

    Sometime between Oct. 2 and Oct. 5 (incl.) somebody mucked about with the RSS. So please get it back to the way it was.

  14. C. Coimbra Says:

    Amake, I meant a real newbie, meaning someone on his own, not someonw with an expert like one of us looking over his shoulder. He’s not likely to ever install Firefox, and those who do won’t need the Go button. Just one more tweak…

  15. amake Says:

    But my point is that some newbies DO need the “Go” button, and everyone else can just customize the toolbar. This is not an issue; just customize your freakin’ toolbar if you don’t want the button!

  16. amake Says:

    Or rather I should say that some “true” newbies end up with Firefox whether they have the skill to remove the “Go” button or not. The burden should be on the pro to tweak things to his liking, not on the newbie, regardless of how he got Firefox, to figure things out.

  17. Hank Roberts Says:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv:1.7.3) Gecko/20041008 Firefox/0.10

    Still tells me I need to get the 1.0 update — but the little round dot doesn’t respond when mouse-clicked at all. However, if I repeat trying, I’m told FF has been updated this session.

    But when I restart, nothing has changed.
    I’ll keep watching, I think it’s a known bug but not quite sure, seeing similar things in forum discussion.

  18. G Wieringa Says:

    Don’t know what exactly happened to these live bookmarks, but somehow i’ve got the ‘ASS’ icon back.

  19. Brian Duff Says:

    Don’t have a problem with the “Go” button specifically. Do have a problem with the “Let’s make everything in Firefox look exactly like Internet explorer, because if Microsoft did it, it must be right” approach to usability.

    Proof of pudding: the new popup blocker bar that looks remarkably similar to the one they added in IE SP2.

    To distinguish itself from IE, Firefox has to actually be distinct. Otherwise, it becomes the KDE of the browser world: lacking in innovation, it just copies every little feature that IE has.