2004-07-26 Branch builds are horked

  • Fixed: 252549 - Better Update Handling for identical versions.
  • Fixed: Make the find field look like a Luna text field on XP.
  • Fixed: 248215 - Crash importing IE settings.
  • Fixed: 251308 - Don't fail to start firefox if write to extensions directory fails.
  • Fixed: 59557 - Permissions should not be world-readable for profile directory.
  • Fixed: 213963 - Cookies get lost after a huge number of cookies is reached.
  • Fixed: 13 more core fixes from trunk, mostly related to cookies.
  • Since July 26: 253118 - Cookies don't work; Privacy Options broken.
  • Since ~March 15 or ~June 8: 246078 - URLs from other apps result in Firefox opening the first hit on Google for "StartDDE" (which is now The Burning Edge).

I did not link to nightly builds because of bug 253118. Windows users can download sweetlou hourly builds with the bug fixed.

11 Responses to “2004-07-26 Branch builds are horked”

  1. amake Says:

    Apparently cookies will be fixed for tomorrow’s builds.

  2. Azu Says:

    Well thats what they get for removing the “Cookies are a delicious delicacy” quote.

  3. Manoj Says:

    Cookies don’t work in sweetlou’s hourly builds either. I can’t log in to Yahoo! Mail or hotmail with the build!

  4. Jugalator Says:

    Hopefully tomorrow’s build will be better — good things seem to be happening in bug 246078 as well:

  5. David Stone Says:

    Hehe…that startdde thing that’s been happening since the other day now opens right here to The Burning Edge. It seems you’ve outranked IBM, Jesse. :)

  6. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Yep, that was my intention in using the term “StartDDE” in my descritpion of the bug.

  7. Stebs Says:

    Hehe, now thats clever! a bug that unintentionally leads to a Page describing the bug….:)

  8. Kyle Says:

    The Mac 20040726 build on mozilla.org doesn’t seem to suffer from this problem. The usual sites — including the Webmail sites noted about — work without incident.

  9. Matt Says:

    246078 was a big blocker for me, I’ll be downloading tomorrow’s build, although I wouldn’t mind being sent here all the time. :p

  10. Cell Says:

    A PDF is no longer the first search result in Google for StartDDE.

  11. Logan Says:

    I’m personally looking forward to Google’s July Zeitgeist. Will “StartDDE” inexplicably show up on the list of most-searched terms?