2004-07-25 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 237727 - Installer should delete certain files if we install over an existing Firefox installation.
  • Fixed: 252288 - Still instances of wrong favicons.
  • Fixed: 232089 - Bookmarks 'create in' shouldn't persist.
  • Fixed: 252540 - Favicons sometimes not stored correctly.
  • Fixed: 251802 - Refresh livemark doesn't work from toolbar/menu.
  • Fixed: 234089 - Bookmarks toolbar folder shouldn't be deletable with C-x (crasher).
  • Fixed: 238661 - Moving a bookmark folder to itself deletes the folder.
  • Fixed: 251988 - Livemark menu doesn't work after going to page without livemark and clicking.
  • Fixed: 251335 - Bookmarks toolbar folder has different context menu from other bookmark folders.
  • Fixed: 252133 - New bookmarks items should be added below selected items, not above.
  • Fixed: 252401 - Favicons should get ignored if they're > a certain size 16k).
  • Fixed: 252792 - Livemark context menu contains active new folder menu item.
  • Fixed: 252870 - Context menu of empty personal toolbar folder has inconsistent items.
  • Fixed: 252875 - Bookmarks root name not localizable.
  • Fixed: Bookmarks sidebar loses focus after a bookmark is selected.
  • Fixed: Don't show scheduling/notification tabs in bookmark properties for livemarks.
  • Fixed: 251382 - Firefox help not keyboard accessible.
  • Fixed: 251950 - Ctrl+W doesn't close help window.
  • Since July 24: 246078#c156 - URLs from other apps result in Firefox opening a PDF. (The PDF is the first hit on Google for "StartDDE".)

Windows builds: No official Windows (discussion), bangbang's O2 G7 SSE2

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer

Mac builds: Official Mac

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  2. ewok Says:

    just made a build and theres amajor problem with cookies in it by the looks of it. trying to post on several forums and after logging in, i click the post button and it still thinks im not logged in (even though i WAS logged in). never done this before.