2004-07-17 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 174265 - Wrong favicons in bookmarks.
  • Fixed: 173762 - Favicons are forgotten after shutdown.
  • Fixed: 228862 - Store icons in bookmarks.html instead of in cache.
  • Fixed: 239241 - Option to show/display saved passwords.
  • Fixed: 232172 - Make link modifiers work on the home button.
  • Fixed: 232467 - Default folder for add bookmark not remembered across sessions when it's the "Bookmarks" folder.
  • Fixed: 250645 - Click on 'get new extension/theme' opens a new window with empty personal toolbar.
  • Fixed: 251147 - Empty bookmark menus don't hide Empty tag if user adds to the menu while it is open.
  • Fixed: 251062 - Livemark feature does not reset when going to page without livemark after setting livemark.
  • Fixed: 250827 - Livemark non-UTF8 feeds don't display correctly in menus.
  • Since July 17: 251906 - Installer fails.
  • Since July 17: 251846 - About:, Help->About and Help->Release Notes are broken.
  • Since May 18: 248423 - config.trim_on_minimize no longer works.
  • Since ~June 2: 245327 - theme switch clears all tabs, disables their history, can't close these tabs.
  • Since ~March 15 or ~June 8: 246078 - URLs from other apps result in two Firefox windows or a window and an error dialog.

Windows builds: Official Windows (discussion), bangbang's O2 G7 SSE2

Linux builds: Official Linux

Mac builds: Official Mac

15 Responses to “2004-07-17 Branch builds”

  1. Per Ångström Says:

    Bug 204393 – favicon.ico given undue preference over link rel=”icon” – was fixed the other day.

  2. mayco Says:

    there still seems a bug with the favicons, i have a link to the burning edge in my bookmarks toolbar, and when i start ff, it has a google icon, when i click it, it becomes a ff icon, and when i close ff it’s back a google icon…

  3. David Tenser Says:

    Just wanted to say — I’m sure I’ve said it before — that this blog really is useful. Jesse, thanks for this resource!

  4. Ewok Says:

    woohooo favicons are FINALLY fixed. been waiting for this over a year. its fixed nicely too, icons for sites i havent visited in months have suddenly reappeared and are all correct, icons for sites that had icons but refused to save have also now appeared.

    hopefully thats the end of that problem. my only major problem with ff now is the handling of the cache, constant trashing of the cache and inability to properly search pages you have visited, which you can do perfectly in IE, has been very irritating since I started using ff.

    Other than that these recent branch changes have made some big improvements, including the new popup blocking handling (being able to click the icon and view the blocked popup) which I was calling for months ago too. the only thing missing is the ability to add a sound to play when a popup is blocked, which i also asked for several times months ago. Then it would be almost perfect.

  5. Jugalator Says:

    Yay, the favicon build! :-D

  6. Jugalator Says:

    “About:, Help->About and Help->Release Notes are broken.”

    One more thing — about:config seem to be broken too. A fix should’ve been checked in by now though so hopefully it’ll be there tomorrow.

  7. Dennis J. Says:

    The favicons seem to work now but not for all sites. I have http://www.groklaw.net in my bookmarks toolbar and the icon never gets set but it appears in the url bar and in the tab.

  8. Mike Goodspeed Says:

    Dennis, if there is *no* favicon (as opposed to the “empty” favicon) then that’s bug 252006.


  9. Mike Goodspeed Says:

    … which was just fixed.

  10. Blimundus Says:

    Is there a logic in how bugs are called?

    For example:
    # Fixed: 173762 – Favicons are forgotten after shutdown.
    # Fixed: 228862 – Store icons in bookmarks.html instead of in cache.

    In the first one, I guess the good thing is that favicons ARE NOT forgotten after shutdown after this bug was fixed, right?

    In the second one, I believe the favicons, after the fix, ARE stored in bookmarks.html, not in the cache.

    I think it makes more sense to give the bug the name of what the bad behaviour does, such as in this first example. The second example is confusing. Or is it?

  11. Will Rickards Says:

    Bugs are named by the reporter.
    In this case the first one was a bug report. The second was an enhancement request. So when describing an enhancement, you say what you want firefox to do. After some bug triage, bugs often get renamed to be more specific in their descriptions.

  12. Dennis J. Says:

    > Dennis, if there is *no* favicon (as opposed to the “empty” favicon) then that’s bug 252006.

    Sorry I should have stated that more clearly. It has the default sheet icon. The same thing happens with the site http://www.theregister.co.uk. I just took a look at the bookmarks.html file but couldn’t find anything wrong with the entries.

  13. tim Says:

    Installing this build seems to loose all favicons. Is that the behavior that should be expected with it working right in the future?

  14. Stebs Says:

    Yes, loosing favicons with latest build (20040719) is normal. As I understand it, favicons are from now on stored in bookmarks.html and not anymore in Cache. Now you have to visit the site (but only once) so that the favicon gets stored correctly in bookmarks.html…
    This build is not bad, Installer works again, just Help->Using Mozilla Firefox is busted (and naturally all known bugs)

  15. tim Says:

    Thanks Stebs. Certainly does look good.