2004-07-15 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 250488 - "Open in Tabs" in a bookmarks folder no longer works (since July 8).
  • Fixed: 221312 - Context menu should include Select All.
  • Fixed: Add New Bookmark and New Separator items for separator context menu.
  • Since May 18: 248423 - config.trim_on_minimize no longer works.
  • Since ~June 2: 245327 - theme switch clears all tabs, disables their history, can't close these tabs.
  • Since ~March 15 or ~June 8: 246078 - URLs from other apps result in two Firefox windows or a window and an error dialog.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), bangbang's O2 G7 SSE2, moox's builds

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer, lokean's SSE with SVG

Mac builds: Official Mac

10 Responses to “2004-07-15 Branch builds”

  1. Logan Says:

    This looks like a good time to update from 0.9.1. Thanks again for tracking all of this, Jesse.

  2. BigFire Says:

    Today’s build is mostly Trunk catchups.

  3. doogxela Says:

    This is my first update in a while. So I’m confused about a couple of things. (I downloaded the official Windows installer.) First, I can’t find the profile manager. Second I can’t find the DOM inspector. Are these things not in the branch? This is probably information I would if I had been keeping up, so if there is a forum topic on these things, just point me in that direction.

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Profile manager: Run “firefox.exe -p”. Was there another way to access it previously?

    DOM Inspector: It’s included in zip builds. I think it’s an option in the installer.

  5. doogxela Says:

    For the profile manager, there used to be (I think) a shortcut in the Start Menu Mozilla program folder. As for the DOM Inspector, I checked the box to install the developer tools during installation, but I don’t see it in any menus.

  6. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    In my zip build, it’s in the Tools menu. It also has a stealth keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+I.

  7. alepp Says:

    I got this Official Win .zip yesterday (XP SP1).

    a) The pink 246078 (re. foreign URLs) did not materialize when clicking on a URL within a mail msg in TBird (when FF is not running): it ran FF with one windows.

    b) The Tools/Extensions/Get_More_Extensions opens a window on which my horizontal row of Bookmarks (all folders) is gone, i.e., the row space is there, but no bkmks are seen… Is this intentional? Shouldn’t be.

  8. Jesse Ruderman Says:


    Not everyone sees bug 246078.


    Fixed in the build after this one :)

  9. alepp Says:

    Is there a bug number to look for re. Get_More_Extensions blanking out the Bkmks?
    Do you mean fixed on builds of 07-16 (but there were no Win builds on 07-16…)?

  10. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Oops. It’s fixed in July 17 builds, not July 16 builds. It was bug 250645.