Firefox 0.9.1 is coming

Ben Goodger has announced that there will be a 0.9.1 bugfix release. It will fix several theme/extension manager bugs and include an updated version of Winstripe that isn't on the trunk yet.

There is a 0.9.1 mini-branch off of the Aviary branch at the point of the 0.9 release. 0.9.1 branch checkins. Thunderbird 0.7.1 will be released from the same mini-branch.

14 Responses to “Firefox 0.9.1 is coming”

  1. Billycub Says:

    Will the modified Winstripe theme have a different icon for “New Tab”? It looks way too much like an “Add New Printer” icon!!

  2. Mike G Says:

    No. It does, however, look much much better. This guy’s got the scoop:

  3. ac Says:

    Wow… Firefox gets a new look even with each

    It’s good we can trust our leader to choose the
    best for us. Democracy just complicates things.

    /me looking forward to Fx 1.0 being strong-leadershipped-to death.

    It’s a pity the opportunity to rule the web is being distroyed…

    I’ve read first about “strong leader” shortly before Fx 0.9,
    and I’ve read first about a “rushed/messed” Fx release after 0.9.

  4. mattcoz Says:

    Ok, that looks MUCH better. :)

    I hated Winstripe the way it was before, I like it now.

  5. nth10sd Says:

    Another “Thunderbird check-ins” update over at my blogsite:

    P.S.: I do trunk changes every 5-7 days only.

  6. Hank Says:

    I went camping for a couple of weeks and lost track.
    The official builds (linked at top left of the Burningedge page) don’t list an “Aviary” — is that a nickname for one of the folders there? (“Trunk” or “0.9” or “0.9.1” or “contrib” or “experimental”)? Or is there another place I should be looking for official builds?

    I was doing OK with the tree-trunk-branch concept and can grasp the mini-branch, I think, but…. is fox to henhouse as firefox is to aviary, or what?

  7. Hank Says:

    Nevermind, I’ve been saved:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv:1.7) Gecko/20040626 Firefox/0.9 (MMx)

  8. Otis Says:

    Can anyone explain why nightly builds in latest-0.9.1 have a (…/0.8 ) user-agent ?
    This implies I cant install extensions.
    Maybe it’s me !
    Where to find how to correct ua ? (nb : I don’t use ua spoofing !)

  9. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Hank: The builds in directories labelled “0.9” are Aviary branch builds.

  10. SJP Says:

    Otis, did you install new build over previous build?

    That is one reason UA string can be wrong.

  11. chob Says:

    since the mozillazine forums are down( ), does anyone know of another active forum to read.

    is there a place where all the mozillaziners go when it’s down?

    “”Update – The forums machine cannot handle the load. We are in the process of evaluating options. Until a solution is found, they will have to remain off, to avoid any damage to them. If you know and million- or billionaires who are bored, please point them at the donate link. Thanks again for the patience folks. -jason””

  12. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    0.9.1 is there (Linux/Mac/Win32) !

  13. Neil Says:

    since the mozillazine forums are down( ), does anyone know of another active forum to read?
    (end quote)

  14. anon Says:

    Alternate forums: