2004-06-25 Trunk builds


  • Since ~June 10: 246168 - [Linux] '-remote "openURL(<url>, new-tab)"' no longer works
  • Since ~June 2: 245327 - theme switch clears all tabs, disables their history, can't close these tabs.
  • Since May or June: 246687, 246658, 248013 - Firefox startup gets stuck at "Finishing Extension Installation" for various reasons. (Workaround: run "firefox.exe -no-extensions" and disable the extension responsible, or delete the extensions subdirectory of your profile.)

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion)

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer

Mac builds: No Mac builds.

3 Responses to “2004-06-25 Trunk builds”

  1. FP Says:

    The -no-extensions switch was renamed to -safe-mode a few weeks ago:


  2. Xanthor Says:

    An other workaround for those last bugs is to delete the attributes “toBeInstalled” of your chrome.rdf. (But of course, those extensions won’t be installed..)

  3. ironstorm Says:

    I seemed to have some luck deleting my profile, editing my about:config versions to 0.9 (from 0.9.0+) and setting my bookmarks.html and prefs.js file to read-only, downloading the .xpi files and dropping them on to firebird… not sure if it’s fluke but I got like 8 (wow) extensions in without my firebird taking a crap on start-up…