2004-04-24 Trunk builds

  • Fixed: 240811 - Can't install extensions (since Apr 17)
  • Fixed: 240367 - Saving page or image results in "Download Error" dialog (but succeeds anyway) (since Apr 11)
  • Fixed: 205550 - Mozilla web services (WSDL, SOAP) leak memory
  • Fixed: 213963 - Increase limit on number of cookies (cookies get lost after a huge number of cookies is reached)

If you still can't install extensions or if you can't close tabs with this build, installing/unzipping to an empty directory will fix it.

  • Since ~Apr 17: 241068 - Intermittent crash when entering text in input field. (Workaround: disable autocomplete in Options > Privacy > Saved Form Information)
  • Since ~Mar 28: 239366 - Official gtk2 build crashes on startup on Fedora Core 1. (Workaround)
  • Since Mar 20: 238186 - URL in Page Info dialog appears blue.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion), BlueFyre's G7 SSE, bangbang's O2 G7 SSE2, TierMann's O2 G7 SSE, marko_3000's O2 G7 SSE with SVG, JTw's O2 G6 and O2 G7 SSE2 with DOMi, Cal, scragz' G6 SSE, G7 SSE, G7 SSE2, G7, O2, and O2 G7 SSE

Linux builds: Official Linux, no official gtk2 builds

Mac builds: Official Mac

5 Responses to “2004-04-24 Trunk builds”

  1. asgaroth Says:

    I have uninstalled firefox, delete the folder , delete the data application in my documents and settings, bu i’m not able to install extensions…

  2. FZ Says:

    I’m using JTw’s April 24 build and I cannot install extensions either (nothing happens). I guess I’ll just stick to the ones already installed to my profile ;)

  3. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    WFM. I had to delete registry.dat and pluginreg.dat in “C:\Documents and Settings\(user)\Application Data\Firefox” and have it re-created by setup in order to be able to install extensions.

    BTW, a benign bug (and probably trivial to fix) : the title of the initial splash screen at installation ( “Welcome to Mozilla Firefox”) is truncated. Am I the only one to have it like that http://home.tiscali.be/jmgillet/divers/welcome_to_what.png ? I queried Bugzilla without results.

  4. José Jeria Says:

    Jean-Marc: WFM. I get the text “Welcome to Mozilla Firefox” on only one line.

  5. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    Thanks José. I guess it’s due to my non-standard choice of Verdana 10 instead of Tahoma 8 pts for all the Windows XP “Appearance” fonts. But I won’t waste Firefox programmers’ time for that.